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Full Disclosure Trading$SOXJerome13257    yesterday 3
Altaba Inc. (formerly Yahoo)AABA19.630.0% 27305    Wednesday2
Apple Inc.AAPL235.28+0.4%clean86206540    yesterday 782
Apple TankwatchAAPL235.28+0.4%zax32384    last Friday2
Apple, Inc. UnmoderatedAAPL235.28+0.4% 9465    2 hours ago1014
Apps for Apple iOS and OSX devicesAAPL235.28+0.4% 846    October 10
Technology Stocks & Market Talk With Don WolanchukAAPL235.28+0.4%da_cheif™130171    an hour ago1657
Adobe (adbe) opinionsADBE269.24-1.3% 3101    September 20
Autodesk (ADSK), sales now increasing!ADSK144.27-0.8% 206    September 20
Aircraft leasing companies. FLY, AER, WLFCAER55.89+0.7% 40    October 7
AIRI - A Unique Opportunity in Value StocksAIRI1.100-8.3%gizwick1    September 281
AMD, ARMH, INTC, NVDAAMD31.14+1.1%neolib33378    3 hours ago160
American Superconductor (AMSC)AMSC8.240+0.6% 971    September 23, Inc. (AMZN)AMZN1,787+0.6%Glenn Petersen163886    yesterday 112
ANSS - AnsysANSS220.87-0.6% 145    September 201
ASML Holding NVASML253.76-0.3% 10427    yesterday 120
Boeing keeps setting new highs! When will it split?BA369.06-0.9% 3434    Wednesday1
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedBABA176.85-0.2%Glenn Petersen689    September 22
BB: BlackBerry (fka RIMM: Research in Motion)BB5.210+2.0%Eric L1457    October 10
Impossible Foods and BeyondBYND117.35-5.3%zax149    Wednesday21
Cohu, Inc. (COHU)COHU15.05+1.4% 6734    Wednesday83
Cree Inc.CREE46.42-2.1% 10066    yesterday 6
Salesforce.comCRM146.17-0.5% 250    October 51
Dassault Systems / SolidWorks (DASTY)DASTY153.88-0.1% 31    September 20
3D PrintingDDD8.340+2.5%FUBHO757    last Saturday11
Walt DisneyDIS132.37+1.2% 2196    October 71
Durect Corp. DRRXDRRX1.960+4.8% 7    Wednesday1
Ericsson overlook?ERIC9.060+5.2% 5386    October 2
Facebook, Inc.FB190.39+0.4%Glenn Petersen3351    Tuesday3
Virtual RealityFB190.39+0.4%FUBHO125    September 25
FITBIT - tell us about your deviceFIT3.980+6.4%d[-_-]b44    September 21
Finisar - FNSRFNSR23.770.0% 510    September 20
Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables and GadgetsGOOG1,253+0.8%FUBHO3010    October 5
Alphabet Inc. (Google)GOOGL1,253+0.8%Glenn Petersen15277    Tuesday1
Garmin GRMNGRMN87.49+0.3% 99    September 282
InfineraINFN5.430-1.1%FUBHO4111    yesterday 5
IRDM - IRIDIUM NEXT / CERTUS / AIREON The Second GenerationIRDM24.20+1.8%pcstel14    October 2
Keysight TechnologiesKEYS97.04+1.5%Kirk ©41    October 2
KMI- a fallen high dividend yielder - for how long?KMI20.07+0.2%robert b furman73    Wednesday62
KVH Industries, Inc.KVHI10.16+0.4%Walter P7121    Tuesday4
Harris -- The Next GELHX205.41-0.7% 91    September 24
LOCKHEED MARTIN, (LMT)LMT377.06-1.5% 731    Wednesday1
Microsoft Corp. - Moderated (MSFT)MSFT139.69-0.5%Don Green19498    October 2
Media Industries: Newspapers, TV, Radio, Movies, OnlineNFLX293.35+2.5%Ron3258    yesterday 131
Netflix (NFLX)NFLX293.35+2.5% 1916    Wednesday2
ServiceNow, Inc.NOW254.31-0.1%JakeStraw68    September 20
NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)NVDA194.290.0% 1645    September 201
The Singularity, A.I.: Machine & Deep Learning,. and GFANVDA194.290.0%John Pitera285    last Friday1
OLED Universal Display CorpOLED173.64+0.5%slacker71123536    yesterday 442
Pinterest: panic selling today?newPINS25.99+1.0%ExtremeAlpha0    Tuesday
PolarityTEnewPTE3.070-1.3%Paul H. Christiansen2    October 101
New Q write what you like - No boring stuffnewQCOM78.97+0.9%Jon Koplik5    yesterday 513
Qualcomm Moderated Thread - please read rules before postingQCOM78.97+0.9%Silcon Observer160666    yesterday 621
Research Frontiers Lonely Hearts Club Thread.REFR3.010+2.4%StockDung163    September 18
Research Frontiers (REFR)REFR3.010+2.4%aknahow28630    6 hours ago1062
RokuROKU139.07+5.0%zax71    October 103
Softbank Group CorpSFTBY19.80+1.3% 5849    September 30
Silicon Motion Inc. (SIMO)SIMO38.75+0.9%Elroy2094    yesterday 2
Semi Equipment AnalysisSOXX218.01+0.2%Donald Wennerstrom84094    7 hours ago301
SplunkSPLK113.20-0.3%LJM72    October 2
Square, Inc. (SQ)SQ63.40+0.6% 31    October 10
Sequans CommunicationsSQNS0.805+0.7%FUBHO1846    yesterday 9
Sequans, the investors boardSQNS0.805+0.7%hooligan254    October 5 (STMP)STMP76.90+1.2% 1189    September 25
SWKS - Skyworks Solutions, Inc (was AHAA)SWKS87.55+2.2% 1682    Tuesday2
AT&TT37.81+0.1% 4228    September 28
Tivo (TIVO) Interactive TVTIVO8.200+1.5% 2092    September 21
Tesla EVs - TSLATSLA261.97+0.9%Savant12005    7 hours ago993
Twitter, Inc.TWTR39.61-0.8%Glenn Petersen1242    Wednesday1
Uber Technologies and Lyft Inc. IPOsUBER32.62+2.4%Glenn Petersen99    Tuesday1
Verizon Communications (VZ)VZ60.41+0.2% 1807    October 3
WDC, NAND, NVM, enterprise storage systems, etc.WDC59.62+0.3%Sam4239    Wednesday3
Cloud, edge and decentralized computingGlenn Petersen1529    Tuesday54
Driverless autos, trucks, taxis etc.Sam347    October 9
Drones, Autonomous Vehicles and Flying CarsGlenn Petersen2113    Tuesday62
Growth Investing 316    September 221
New TechnologyFUBHO378    September 191
Off Topic (Every Day Technology) 1501    Wednesday21
Peer-to-Peer, Gig and On-Demand EconomiesGlenn Petersen752    Tuesday4
SpaceXEric523    7 hours ago61
The *NEW* Frank Coluccio Technology Forumftth46765    October 21
The Electric Car, or MPG "what me worry?"Eric7964    yesterday 281
wagerr - betting belongs on the blockchainElroy62    September 21
Y10K CRISIS 1428    Tuesday2

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