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SI Sentiment Explained

SI Sentiment is a rating given to a stock by you and all of your fellow members of Silicon Investor.

When you or anyone else posts to a stock-specific board (a board with which a ticker is associated), you are prompted to select a rating you currently give the stock, from 1 to 5 stars, with 1 star being a Strong Sell/Short and 5 stars being a Strong Buy. Once you have given a rating to a ticker, you will not be presented with the voting prompt on any board using that ticker for the next 24 hours.

Once a ticker has received enough votes to be considered statistically significant, its Sentiment Score is shown on any board linked to that ticker, and the stocks with the 30 highest number of votes are shown on the homepage, sorted by score. On the homepage, the relative scores are graphically displayed and the tickers are links to quotes for those stocks. On the quotes page, you'll find a link for locating boards where the stock is being discussed.

NOTE: SI Sentiment is not intended and should not be used as investment advice. It is intended only to show how the members of Silicon Investor currently feel about the stock, so should only be used as one of many tools to help make investment decisions. Whether you wish to use the information as a positive or contrarian indicator is entirely up to you, as are all of your investment decisions.

Upcoming changes and additions

  1. A page listing all tickers that've been rated and their scores
  2. The ability to run queries on the data. For example, finding the 10 stocks with the lowest scores, with more than 10 votes each today.
  3. The ability to change your current vote.
  4. Ratings showing score changes relative to past time periods such as previous day, past week, and past month.

Keep in mind that the data is only used in the aggregate. Meaning that nobody knows what rating you gave a stock. One vote is not statistically significant and, really, it's nobody's business unless you make it their business. The rating you gave a stock is NOT shown anywhere on the site.

The data that's being accumulated will be stored and when enough time has passed and enough voting is happening, we'll implement screens and tools to let you analyze the data and any changes in it.

So, as they say, "Vote early and vote often!" This is a tool we feel will prove quite valuable to all of us.