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Update 5/21/2009

"Watching Obama Morph Into Dick Cheney

America has lost her soul, and so has her president." Paul Craig Roberts, May 21, 2009

i started this thread as a Obama Watch with the view he would prove NO better than Bush/Cheney/McCain as the two party system in U.S. is A HOAX.
i said he will be seen as guilty unless proven innocent.

Now over 6 months have passed and i now state Obama is Guilty as Charged: The Verdict is IN.

This thread is to view Obama from the view of an antiwar Moderator and people that are oppositional strongly to American Imperialism and militarism are welcome to post here.
It will be a sparse thread, hell it might just be me.

This post will outline the why of this thread.

In it i say Obama could well test Obama supporters integrity.

For IF OBAMA pursues the old policies of imperialism, interventions and militarism and they continue to support him they WILL officially then be two/faced tin souled HYPOCRITES, and of what i call the Bogii(plural for Bogus) and proving the rightness of My and Twain's and Vonnegut's and Einstein's bitter view of the human race, that they are dangerous at all times when a HERD.

Also ALL THOSE THAT WERE SUPPORTERS OF McCAIN or GWB will be banned immediately!!

Obama Dah Prez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First the part and i can't suppress and gives a major smile, is that regardless of the my grave suspicions of the man Obama, the idea an afro-america was elected to the Presidency is a rush, for someone from the days of the freedom riders, that is something.

But based on the reasons i have already(and expessed also by Justin Raimondo--i am not an anti-war libertariam , i am antiwar, yes, but , i remain one without a category other than the enigmatic i am Radical, i am so FAR LEFT i might be Right)

Start again: Based on my reasons already put forth here, Barack Obama is on trial french sytle, he will be seen as guilty, based on all the certain key Foreign Policy statements he has come forth with and his picking of an archly hawkish VP, the dutiful servant of the Defense Indusrty, Mr.Biden, and also the presence of certain of his advisers that are clear cut hawks.

The most disturbing part of the this night was watching the faces of the crowd he has spoken too, as so so many, had the expression of those in a state of glazed eyed DEVOTION, and in all matters human, that is ALWAYS a bad sign.(Except in cases like teen girls at a Beatle Concert in like 1963--and yes i am NOT being sexist, it was the teen girls that went "looney" NOT the teen boys:)

So, per french style, i will hold Barack Guilty unless he PROVES his innocence.

Obama is NOT remotely MLK, and even has dismissed MLK as no longer relevant--ignoring totally MLK was intensely anti-militarism.
i will let the Obaimites bask in this emotional good good vibrations, and for some, looking at him like he is a savior.

It is those of those UltraObaimites i asked the question, am i to fear them, they indeed seem ready to get hoslite at anyone that would dare question Obama on anything.

Another question is who would even want to be President of the United States, and i will state,until proven otherwise it is NOT to selflessly serve, but it to have POWER, to be top dog, the ultimate Status achievement, o glory, sweet, glory

People not keen to what has been happening during this election's bedazzleement, i hate to inform the American Empire came to an end the past two months. Yup, but likely you missed that minor event, perhaps, perhaps.

The plutocracy of the U.S.A. worked the most shameless and biggest con game on the U.S. public and The World that has ever happened in world history, the U.S.A. has not already collapsed because the world, while despising what the U.S. has done, still believe we "Are too Big Fail" so they are assisting the psycopath wall street masters that robbed them blind, and trying to hold up the U.S., now the the U.S. is the world's Gargantua Welfare Client.

Americans many live in cased in their large shell, albeit a PROVINCIAL shell, and i would say the vast majority don't know this entire financial crisis was maliciusly caused by a gaggled of white collared, finacially trickery gifted mafiosos.

Unfortunely the web of this so complex, i doubt many can even grasp the immensity of the Crime WallStreet and the Greenspan clique performed.

But i have no time to spell it out, threads like The Epic Credit Bubble has tons on educational posts for those that are curious.

So liberals you have your man, your great hope, but you and he will NOW be on trial.

*****You WILL BE TESTED, that i guarantee.*****
Now that the election has engulphed Political Junkies for months, you will have to start remembering words like Georgia(not U.S. Georgia) like Paskistan like the Ukraine like Palestine like Israel like Syria and biggest of all Iran.

O yes Kurdistan may be huge as there is a chance the entire U.S. forces will have to leave Arabic Iraq and make camp in Kurdistan( Iraq has refused thus far to allow U.S. to remain in Iraq. U.S., will likely go to the U.N Security Council and have them ORDER Iraq to keep U.S. Troops in Iraq.)

Kurds are now thinking of inviting U.S. into Kurdistan.

But hey that is ALL GOOBLYGOOK to most americans.

i won't bore. Max

O i see Obama has hit on the rhythm of repeating he will lead america back to its greatness.

That is what Mussolini used to PUMP UP THE HERD with in his grand speeches to the Italians.

That is what Brits PMs said when the British Empire was crumbling and like they march off the the Suez to teach Egypt a lesson to who was EMPIRE and the Brits got licked.
i close with a reference to the acute, and brutally honest mind of Kurt Vonnegut, written in his this was like his my goodbye book, the i want my last beliefs on record, to be known.

He stated that a necessary requirement of all world leaders is to be a PSYCOPATH.

And in his very last speech, that was completed just days before his death, and subsequently was read aloud to the audience he was to address in Terre Haute, Indiana, by his son Mark.

He wrote he was evaluating what real progress has humanity made in the last 2,000 years and this was the ONLY thing he could think of and i quote his EXACT WORDS "If Jesus was alive today, he would be executed AGAIN, but this time by LETHAL INJECTION." That was the progress Vonnegut saw.

Kurt also expressed his last statement referencing his spiritual status in Man Without a Country "I am an Agnostic that believes in Jesus"

O yes, Max is also a man without a country, as Kurt Vonnegut wrote also in 2004 'If was not so old and feeble i would leave the United States, i know longer recognize it' That is not verbatum, but good enough.
Cheers everyone.

O yes Enjoy The Parade, the hard rain is coming later--there will then be no parades at all, so enjoy this one.

If one is having the luck of a gift for science(and gifts are luck, be grateful, not arrogant), study intently the New Cosmology, it will BLOW YOUR MIND if you can get a grasp that it is DESTROYING everything science THOUGHT it knew, and bringing forth STUNNING IMPLICATIONS.

Throw all your Carl Sagan's books out, trash them, he is now OUTDATED to the the EXTREME.

i "bah-humbug" attitude can not be grasped without understanding the New Cosmology.


addendum: added 11/17/2008, as we now see Obama's ever tightening embrace of the The Ultra Zionist, it is becoming painfuly clear that Obama is now revealing he is AT ONE with the Likud Party of Israel.

This to follow the warning of but a few of the jews that saw and expressed the dangers of Zionism.

<<For well over a century, Jewish intellectuals—and especially those German-Jewish academics who constituted the mainstream of Jewish philosophy in the last century—have had serious doubts concerning the legitimacy and desirability of harnessing the interests of the Jewish people to the worldly power of a political state. Only the Holocaust, the most extreme demonstration of the evil of Jewish powerlessness imaginable, succeeded in turning the objections of the intellectuals to the Jewish state into an embarrassment, for the most part driving their opposition underground. Yet Jewish intellectuals, even in Israel, never became fully reconciled to the empowerment of the Jewish people entailed in the creation of a Jewish state. For example, Martin BUBER, then living in Jerusalem, argued in 1958 that the belief in the efficacy of power embraced by so many Jews in his generation had been learned from Hitler. And with time, this manner of discussing the Jewish national power—which had been a staple of Jewish anti-Zionist rhetoric prior to the Holocaust—began to regain its previous legitimacy. Thus, Israel's most influential philosopher that was , Yeshayahu Leibowitz of the Hebrew University, had no difficulty calling the Israeli armed forces "Judeo-Nazis," and declared that Israel would soon be engaging in the "mass expulsion and slaughter of the Arab population" and "setting up concentration camps." Similarly, Jacob Talmon of the Hebrew University, Israel's most respected historian, asserted that "there is no longer any aim or achievement that can justify ... twentieth-century battle," arguing that Israeli leaders who justified warfare on the grounds of national interest or historical rights were a throwback to the "Devil's accomplices in the last two generations ... [who] warped the soul of millions and all but exterminated the Jewish people." >>

Here Norman Finkelstein raises courageously that it is the right of Palestinians/Lebanonese to Resist or CHOOSE to be SLAVES.(He favors Resist!)
Now that Obama has made clear(he who ENTHUSIASTICAlLY supported the war crime of the bombing of Lebanon) that he will CONTINUE the Neo-Con/Neo-Lib policy of George W.Bush in the M.E. that where Finkelstein says the name Bush, one can RIGHTFULLY hear that as Obama, as there has been no change)
This was a MUST WATCH video CG posted here several months ago.
i give it my highest recommendation.