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Revision History For: Metabolix [MBLX] a Full Disclosure Thread

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11 Nov 2006 04:06 PM

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Yesterday was the IPO of Metabolix. The purpose of this board is to discuss this company, its stock, and its industry.

As an experiment in online investor community-building, and to enhance transparency, trust, collaboration, reputation, and learning, which I believe are essential elements in the fabric of such a community, I am asking posters to abide by the following Terms of Use [TOU], in addition to the standard Silicon Investor TOU that you have already agreed to:

(1) Each post to this thread, except for a trade post, shall contain a brief postscript in the following format:

FD: X or FD:Y%

FD denotes Full Disclosure;
X denotes number of shares of MBLX held;
Y denotes approximate $ value of the poster's MBLX holdings as percentage of their entire stock holdings

example1: <postscript> FD: 50
signifying that you currently own 50 shares of MBLX

example2: <postscript> FD: 5%
signifying that MBLX currently represents approximately 5% of your stock portfolio

(2)Within 24 hours of making any MBLX trade, posters are asked to disclose such trading activity in a trade post with the format:

MBLX BO/SO/BC/SC #Shares Price

MBLX denotes the common shares of Metabolix stock
BO denotes Bought to Open [long position]
SO denotes Sold to Open [short position]
BC denotes Bought to Close [liquidating short position]
SC denotes Sold to Close [liquidating long position]

example: <new post> MBLX BO 100 $17.50 <end of post>
signifying that I have bought 100 shares of Metabolix at an average gross cost of $17.50 per share

Or, if they choose to disclose holdings as % of their total stock portfolio, they may wish to use the following format:

MBLX +/- .X

+ denotes an addition to your MBLX holdings
- denotes a reduction of your MBLX holdings
-- denotes a short sale of MBLX
-+ denotes cover of a short position of MBLX
.X denotes the approximate $ value of their MBLX holdings (long or short) at the time of posting divided by $ value of their entire stock portfolio

<new post> MBLX + .05 <endpost>
signifying that I have purchased shares of MBLX and MBLX now represents 5% of my stock portfolio

<newpost> MBLX - .0 <endpost>
signifying that I have liquidated all holdings of MBLX

<newpost> MBLX -- .05 <endpost>
signifying that I have initiated a new MBLX short position equal to about 5% of my total current stock portfolio

<newpost> MBLX -+ .05 <endpost>
signifying that I have covered or partially covered an MBLX short position bringing my short position to about 5% of my total current stock portfolio

Posters who do not, in good faith, attempt to comply by these terms of use, may be asked to leave this thread or face banishment!

Comments or questions about Terms of Use [TOU] are always most welcome, especially since this thread is an ongoing experiment in the effect of transparency on online investment community building. However, please preface all such comments and questions with [TOU] as it will help to reduce thread clutter.

Thanks for your cooperation. Now let's have fun!