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Revision History For: Actual left/right wing discussion

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Everyone will likely feel provoked and/or offended by some of the viewpoints expressed on this thread. Expressing a provocative viewpoint is not against the rules here, it is the norm.

Is it possible to have actual reasoned discussions on politics, foreign and domestic affairs, social issues, and current events ... with out being mean to people who have different points of view?

The members of this thread are not among the topics of this thread.

>>> Note: When I refer to thread topics, I am talking about topics that are controversial or provocational and which are bound to push buttons for persons on one side of a view point or another. Side conversations that are friendly and/or personal are of course welcome but I wont allow even these to be open to bashes from third parties.>>>

Civil discourse is the goal but hard to clarify, especially when we are dealing with controversial topics as seen from opposing sides. Let me know when we get there.

Or will you prove that you are incapable of anything but delivering sound bites and flaming retorts from some extremist group?

09/11/2006 New Rule: Notoorabouts are enforced on this thread. If a poster requests that you stop posting 'to or about' them, you must stop all such behavior while posting on this thread (presuming they are an active participant in thread discussion here also). This comes under the 'other wise offensive' qualification in the SI TOU. It will be considered harrassing behavior if you do otherwise. You may feel free to post on topics that the aforementioned poster has commented on but your comments must be topic specific and not directed at, to, or about the poster who has requested the notoorabout. This is now a banning offense.

For the full discussion on notoorabouts start at post #1547 and proceed: to #s 1556, 1560, 1662, 1563, 1567, 1572, 1579, 1580, 1581, 1583, 1584, 1586, 1587, 1589, 1591, 1593, 1596, 1599, 1610, 1614 ….#1589 seems to have tied the knot for most.

Anyone banned from 1 to 3 days can be banned for longer or indefinite periods for bashing the host in PMs after getting banned or for running a nasty campaign against the host on other threads as a consequence for getting banned on this one, as I feel no obligation to host someone who conducts themselves in such a manner...See also post #137.

If you feel you absolutely must bash somebody, please do as some have and point me to your slip so I can give you an honorable 1 day leave of absense ban. If something gets past me ... no apologies, no excuses, I don't sweat over stuff like that.

I like this for the thread motto...

"You can't fight with dueling pistols on a field of dishonor." (by ManyMouse, 2006)

Any other nominations?