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We are looking for a few good people to identify their own skillsets as investors and provide us with the results of their in depth research. By dividing the labors and reporting what we find here we can see much more than we could as individual investors.

We need to collaborate.

Effective collaboration implies a division of labor wherein each person contributes according to his time availability and skillset. Some are good at TA. Others at FA. Some have deep industry experience; others have deep experience in stocks, options, economics, etc.

Lets work hard as a team to help find opportunities and avoid risk.

If we can effectively cooperate in a friendly, open and intelligent manner, then we increase our chances of obtaining better market returns.

What are your skillsets? What form of research would you like to share here? Lets get a task assigned and you can report what you find here.

Here are some charts that may be of value.

Go long when the market breadth charts (check for moving averages) cross below the green lines and the market and sector charts begin to show positive divergences. Consider selling when the market breadth charts are above the red lines and negative divergences show up:

Sector Rotation on Monthly Charts throughout economic cycles based on Fidelity's Chart Expected Rotation:

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