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Cray Inc., formerly Tera Computer Company, designs, builds, sells and services high-performance computer systems, known as supercomputers. The Company has multiple product platforms, a worldwide installed base of computers, manufacturing and service capabilities and extensive global customer relationships. The Cray SV1ex system, scheduled for availability in mid-2001, provides substantial enhancements to the predecessor Cray SV1 product. These enhancements elevate this product line from an upgrade path for mid-range and prior-generation high-end Cray vector supercomputers, to a product that, for important, non-bandwidth-intensive applications, is expected to perform as a high-end system. The Company offers UNIX-based operating systems, compiler software and diagnostic tools, and supports multiple operating systems, including UNICOS/mk in the T3E, UNICOS in the SV1 and earlier vector processing systems, including a UNIX-based system, called MTX, for the Cray MTA system.


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