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The AMAT thread is one of SI's more active and constructive. A diverse group of contributors exhibit deep understanding of company fundamentals, industry (semiconductor, SC equipment, tech in general), and technical analysis. This same group also represents a cross-section of America (or the world?) in terms of political, economic and other views. This makes for some quite interesting discussions...

Since September 11, more than half of all posts on the AMAT thread have been off-topic, addressing issues such as how to deal with terrorists, the use of nuclear arms, US foreign policy, etc. Although much of the discussion has pitted liberal vs. conservative and pacifist vs. hawk, it has been generally cordial and constructive

Rather than drawing the ire of those tiring of OT post on the AMAT thread, I invite posters to use this thread to continue the OT discussions. We may not all agree but it us useful to hear all sides. All opinions have been tolerated on the AMAT thread, and they should continue to be freely expressed here.

Of course, non-AMAT thread posters are welcome too...

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