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I. Foreign Affairs Discussion Group

Welcome to the Foreign Affairs Discussion Group. This is the place to post your thoughts, questions, and comments on American foreign policy issues. Although the suggested reading lists generally refer to articles in Foreign Affairs magazine, please feel free to suggest or post useful information from any other source within the spirit of the Topic Guidelines below.

Rudeness is considered Off Topic. Before you join the discussion please read (and heed) this article by Jane Gault: Message 18475463

Also, please read the following articles:

"I personally would start discussions of contemporary American foreign policy with the Wohlforth & Brooks piece from the July/Aug Foreign Affairs ( Message 18407694 )and the Kagan piece from the June/July Policy Review ( I haven't yet seen anything really interesting on the larger or general questions since then." --tekboy

II. Topic Guidelines

1. Discussions relating to any article in Foreign Affairs magazine.
2. Discussions relating to current events, especially items concerning:
- US relations with Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, EU, Middle Eastern Countries
- The War on Terrorism
- Military policy, capabilities, and tactics
- Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
3. Drop me a PM if you have any questions about the suitability of a topic.

III. Items Considered Off-Topic

0. 14April03 - My effort to pare down the number of posts during this, the invasion/liberation of Iraq
Message 18833592
1. Check this reference (#reply-16607278) for one such list of OT (and ON Topic) items.
2. Search on This Subject using the keyword topics for the most recent list.
3. The topic lists are titled List of OFF Topic Items

IV. Suggested Resources

Foreign Affairs Magazine
I became a Foreign Affairs subscriber back in April 2001. I have been pleased with the quality and variety of the material I've read. If you are interested in international issues, I recommend you consider a subscription to "FA".

Foreign Affairs v81 (2002) Table of Contents
n1 (Jan-Feb) #reply-17424356
n2 (Mar-Apr) #reply-17424357
n3 (May-Jun) #reply-17424240
n4 (Jul-Aug)
n5 (Sep-Oct)
n6 (Nov-Dec)

The New York Times
Even though I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I've had a home subscription to the NY Times for several years. I have found it to be an invaluable source of articulate reporting and commentary. Highly recommended.

A Foreign Affairs Special Briefing
The Terrorist Attack on America - Introduction and Summaries

Books on Terrorism, War, and Foreign Policy

1. Anybody really interested in following what the big-league debate over American grand strategy in the post-Cold-War era has been should check out this collection, which contains many of the "greatest hits" of that discussion: Edited By James Hoge, Jr., and Gideon Rose, American and the World: Debating the New Shape of International Politics

See also 'wonkster's Amazon Reading List at :

2. Terrorism throughout history: Bruce Hoffman, Inside Terrorism

3. A general survey on how to think about counterterrorism policy today: Paul Pillar, Terrorism and American Foreign Policy

4. A primer on the challenges of homeland defense and WMD terrorism: Falkenrath, et al., America's Achilles Heel

Superb overview of the Taiwan Straits issues and Chinese strategic thinking
Message 16361704

Other References
1. A brief discussion of other foreign policy publications:
Message 17461135
4. Michael Doran, "Somebody Else's Civil War": Message 17498211

Backup FADG site established at;