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Revision History For: ALGORE THE POWERFUL

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"We're going to be together! To fight for the people! Against the powerful interests, if that's necessary--- and sometimes it is!" So qouth the Vice President, barnstorming all across the country, spreading his words of class warfare and resentment.

AlGore claims the he, and only he, is "willing to take on the powerful interests that stand in the way of families." He says he alone will defend "working families" against "Big Tobacco, Big Oil. the Big Polluters, the pharmaceutical companies, the HMO's," and other unnamed but menacing "powerful forces." Also known as "special interests."

AlGore is right about something. We do have a battle of the people against the powerful--- but it is the Government which is powerful. It is government which is against the people. It is AlGore, as Sheriff of Nottingham, who is keeping the peoples stores of wealth holed up in government coffers and under government control. AlGore bellows, "I will fight for yew!" over and over, but the truth is, AlGore is fighting you!!! It is AlGore who is powerful. It is AlGore vs. the People, doing everything in his power to keep the "tax surplus" (a nice name for overtaxation) under lock and key.

In response, Gov George W."R.Hood" Bush asserts: "What we need is a leader who says that the taxpayers need some of their money back... we ought to continue to grow the economy by people having more money in their pocket. I think taxes are to high.... I'm not getting off it. I don't give a darn what the polls say. People are paying to much in taxes. It turned out Mr. Reagan was right by cutting taxes. By the way, 40 years ago, John Kennedy campaigned on cutting taxes. Maybe it requires every 20 years for this country to realize how important it is to cut taxes. Reagan did the right thing, because the economy is growing, not only because of the ingenuity of the American people, but because of the capital provided as a result of a tax cut. Absolutely, it was the right thing to do in the 80's and it is the right thing to do as we go into the 21st century."

Yes!!! Go forth!!! As soon as you vanquish AlGore the Powerful.