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The Big Easy has an internal link which breaks out an automated scan of just about anything a short term investor would be interested in if the short term investor is technically minded.

A run down the tickers that it yields daily will many times unveil some very explosive small and large cap stocks. Picking the best from that list is something I do at times and then I run those through askResearch to measure entry or exit timing.

I linked both tools below as well as a real time news feed.


Please post on topic only. The topic is technical stock movement, charts, picks and tools that you use.


Scan Engines

BigEasy daily scans:

MSN daily scans:

Chip's Charts scans:

CNBC scan:
(works with MAC)

Technical Tools


Prophet Charts


Live news feed:

Double click a headline to get the full wire feed story.

A link back to the Ask Vendit thread:
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