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topic WHY DGIV?

Digitcom, has embarked on a mission of global proportions and it's goals are to capture a
significant portion of the Rich IP-TELEPHONY
Overseas Market, where LD rates are at multiples of what DGIV, would charge for the
same LD/IP-TELEPHONY service. That said, they have been(Jimmy Chin,CEO)
criscrossingxxx the globe sealing LD/IP-T deals
on various continents. The most recent was with the COUNTRY of MORDOVIA of the

The mainstay of DGIV's, Arsenal = "InterVoice Gateway Server"

1) the Gateway's they use are proprietary i.e their Own, they are the manufacturer.

2) They support industry standards H.323 + G.729

3) their basic unit has 24 ports but is scalable to 1296ports!
4) they support both UNIX and NT Platforms.

5)voice compression is 4:1 on NT and 43:1 on Unix

I am going to provide links to all the news releases, for the past 4 months to give all
something to chew on and I will try and subtitle eachs significance as I see them in an
IP-TELEPHONY world. The order is also, of significance since it will lay the groundwork
for where we are headed.

Digitcom and Citra Swara Adidya Announce Details of
Agreement; Long Distance Telecoms Technology Passes
Important Approval Test

Business Wire - January 20, 1998 15:15

This is the first piece of the DGIV puzzle where an understanding with Citra Swara
Adidya of Jakarta (Citra) to provide Internet enhanced long distance
telecommunications services in Indonesia using Digitcom's Internet/voice
central office technology was signed.

Digitcom To Purchase Up To 1,500,000 Of Its Common Stock

Business Wire - January 30, 1998 06:48

This release was because of the alleged "Short sale" of DGIV's Stock by
Alexander/Wescott-Brokerage firm, complaints were filed!
and Management felt that the stock was extremely undervalued at the time and I still do,
relative to other IP-Telephony Cos

Digitcom Acquires JD International, Opening Asian Long
Distance Markets.

Business Wire - February 02, 1998 12:26

This was a coup de Gras. Here we aquired JD International

"acquisition brings Pacific Rim joint venture partners currently carrying traditional long
distance call traffic, and enterprise-level telecommunications technology into the Digitcom

a significant step in implementing our strategy of expanding Digitcom's
communications network by merger and acquisition," stated Jimmy Chin,
Digitcom chief executive officer.

"Adding JD International's presence in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and
Japan to the Digitcom network will circumvent many difficulties faced by U.S.
companies trying to gain access to those markets."

Again a Key Stroke for DGIV

Digitcom Secures $60 Million Investment in the Company's
Internet Long Distance Services

Business Wire - February 06, 1998 06:45

This release went "un-noticed" by the investment Community at large However had it been a
MSFT or a Merril-Lynch, we would not be here discussing this issue.

As you can see they are not a trifling backwater company in another part of the world, I'd
say they were probably key to obtaining some of the deals contained in later releases and
will be important in making "other" deals/contracts.

Dharma Group Corp., an international investment company with holdings in
the Far East and the United States.

Dharma Group will accumulate a minority stake in Digitcom as its participation grows from
a planned $12 million initial investment to be completed within the first half of
this year. The
proceeds will be used by Digitcom to build out its Internet phone and switched
international long distance telephone network infrastructure and to act upon merger and
acquisition opportunities.

Digitcom is bringing online Internet long distance access facilities in Indonesia, Korea,
Taiwan, and Hong Kong.Discussions are in progress to deploy Digitcom voice
compression technology on current switched international long distance services
in Taiwan, Tokyo and the United States as a result of the company's recent
acquisition of JD International.

The next Power Stroke was this release:

Ministry Passes Digitcom Internet Phone to Institute for
Russian Federation Certification

PR Newswire - February 11, 1998 15:56

DGIV, announced the acceptance for examination by ZNIIS,
the Central Science Research Telecommunication Institute in Russia, of the
company's Internet telephone technology for certification in the Russian Federation. This
development clears the way for final Joint Venture contracts to be signed with
Elektrosvyaz (Rostov) for deployment in that region of the Russian Federation. Memos of
(mou) understanding have also been signed with St. Petersburg National
International Telephone and with Elektrosvyaz JS, Moldovia.

Our negotiations with the second- and seventh-largest telecom providers in Russia,
St. Petersburg Telephone and Rostov Elektrosvyaz, are approaching finalization,
keeping us on track to be the first Internet telephone service and equipment
provider certified to do business in the Russian Federation," observed Digitcom
CEO Jimmy Chin. "Our venture partners' participation and the warm support of the
Ministry has opened many new doors for Digitcom. This significant step has
enabled us to enter the Moldovan market with an agreement with Elektrosvyaz JS
in that country, extending our opportunities into the greater Commonwealth of
Independent States."

St. Petersburg Telephone Network carries approximately 7% of Federation phone traffic,
second only to Moscow GTS.

Elektrosvyaz has separate operating companies in nearly all major metropolitan
markets in the former Soviet Union, of which the Rostov unit carries more than all
but their Moscow operating company.

This release shows that DGIV is Serious about increasing shareholder value relative to the
aforementioned "short sale" issue. Political, yes, significant # shares no, but intent was

Digitcom Corporation Purchases 50,000 Shares in Stock
Buy-Back Program

PR Newswire - March 10, 1998 12:03

Digitcom has seriously pursued the problem that has caused the drop in the stock price last
month and willcontinue until a correct valuation is reached.

Jimmy Chin, CEO stated, "The launch of the 1.5 million share buy-back authorized by the
board of directors is in effect.We feel the stock is still significantly undervalued, so the
program will continue."

Chin, expects that the repurchase program will continue through March and possibly into

(ENDED imho-ONLY no need at present save the company cash for the coffers is what I

The unique market niche that Digitcom has developed will provide the company with
ongoing revenues from each contract and joint venture agreement with overseas
telecommunications companies through the use of minute charges, instead of the one
time system set up fee structure that some other telecommunications companies


Digitcom to Carry U.S.-Bound Long Distance Telephone
Traffic From Europe

PR Newswire - March 13, 1998 14:47

We Opened the European Door!

DGIV, announced its agreement with Louis International
Telecommunications & Equipment to provide U.S. International long distance circuits
and termination for Louis International's European call re-origination services and
international long distance services.

*(Louis is newly formed comprised of many carriers in Europe)

Terms of the agreement commit Louis International to bring $1 Million per
month or more in traffic to Digitcom's U.S. telephone switching facility within 90 days of

Louis International has an extensive network of sales agents in Germany, France,
Poland, Ireland, and other Central and Eastern European countries marketing
the company's pre-paid "call back" long distance services and GSM (Global System for
Mobil communications) cellular services.

The GSM digital cellular network has coverage on the European continent that is much
more comprehensive than is the case in the United States, presently.

"We're excited about this launch in Europe of Digitcom's international
long distance network," said Jimmy Chin, Digitcom CEO. "We're looking for this
profitable relationship with Louis International to open other doors for
Digitcom's telephone and Internet communications services."

Digitcom Acquires Indonesian Internet Service Provider for
IP/Telephone Network

PR Newswire - March 27, 1998 06:30

BAMM! Aquisition #2 in 2 months>>>>made HOT(US) TECHNOLOGY LIST FOR

DGIV's extension of its IP/Telephone Network into Indonesia with the signing of
an agreement to acquire all the stock of PT.
Primedia ArmoEkadata Internet.

This acquisition gives Digitcom unique access to the Indonesian market in that all licenses
to operate Internet Service Provider (ISP) services in Indonesia have been
issued and no further licenses
are contemplated by the Government.

"Acquiring Primedia ArmoEkadata will provide the most rapid extension of our Digital
Long Distance Corporation subsidiary's telecom services within Indonesia," observed
Digitcom CEO Jimmy Chin.

"Plus it provides the network infrastructure and access to implement plans on
the drawing board with our joint venture partner, Indosat, for the delivery of
IP long distance services between North America and points throughout

Primedia AmroEkadata=


Digitcom Prepares For Fully-Reporting Status

PR Newswire - April 02, 1998 06:30

Management of Digitcom Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: DGIV), anticipating the results
of outside auditor Alex D. Domantay & Associates' report due in mid April, announced the
company's intention to file Form 10 and become a fully-reporting corporation.

The company will take this action with the aim of listing on Nasdaq's
Small Cap market. Digitcom will fulfill all the financial requirements for listing on the
Nasdaq small cap market and as soon as the stock meets the $4.00 price requirement
we will move on making the necessary filings," said Jimmy Chin, Digitcom CEO.

Story getting any better? I think so!

Digitcom Opens Jakarta Offices

Business Wire - April 15, 1998 06:45

DGIV, announced the opening of it's Indonesian offices in Jakarta. Doing business as
CSA-Digitcom, the joint venture of PT Citra Swara Adidaya and Digitcom Interactive
Video Network will partner with major telephone and data transmission carriers
in Indonesia to provide Internet-enhanced long distance telecommunications
services using Digitcom's Internet voice compression and international long
distance technology.

CSA-Digitcom is located at the Hotel Mulia Senayan,(5*) Business Center, Suite 8, Jl. Asia
Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia. The offices may be called at +62-21-251 1848.

Now the Unexpected

Digitcom Reports a Profit in Annual Results

PR Newswire - April 16, 1998 06:31

DGIV, today announced net income of $292,585 for the year ending December 31,
1997.The profit announced today represents $.02 per share.

How many of the IP-TELEPHONY Companies have shown a profit
of any Kind?

This past year was a time of intensive development of Digitcom's Internet phone products
and of securing very promising joint venture agreements with prominent regional and
national telecommunications companies that will extend our telecom network around
the world," said Digitcom CEO Jimmy Chin.

"We look for 1998 to be the year when these efforts will begin to bear fruit."


Digitcom Secures Long Distance Telecom Agreement with the
Republic of Mordovia

Business Wire - April 17, 1998 10:19

Remember that "certification" by {ZINIS} the Russian Technical/Scientific Agency? I do!

Signing of an agreement with the Republic of Mordovia of the Russian Federation
that provides Digitcom with ground line and satellite termination for both
switched long
distance and Internet phone traffic.

The Republic has secured Federation Ministry approval for the coordination of
normal voice and for Internet voice traffic through the Mordovian telephone exchanges
under a favorable rate structure for international long distance traffic.

The agreement signed yesterday between Digitcom's Russian subsidiary, TLA, and the
Republic sets a target of 1 Million minutes per month of combined switched long
distance and Internet voice transmission in the first year of operations.

Inter-regional long distance rates and satellite links within the Russian Federation remain to
be negotiated with the various regional carriers. The Republic will receive a portion of
revenues from TLA.

When traffic targets are met within 12 months of operations, the agreement provides for a
further five year exclusive agreement to be extended.

In summary, well, I just wanted everyone to Know why I am Invested in DGIV. Everyone
else, can make their own decisions based on whatever method they choose.

Borrowed from xy zebra:
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What follows are links that I have found to be useful in learning more about DGIV, and trading stocks in
general, I have no direct or indirect connection whatsoever to any of these sites.


Indonesia Internet Association, showing the ISP DGIV purchased: (News on March 27, 1998.)

Telp. 2526001-2-2
Fax. 2521605
Surat : PNT-001/DU-SPI/V/1996, (30-5-95)PimpinanAnton SubiyantoIzin PrinsipHK.501/6/3/MPPT-96,
(30-8-96)Izin OperasionalTeknisTelkom Bdg Link, Ario Bimo Bld

Indonesia Internet Service Providers "Indonesia 102"

Indonesia Info: this is a fairly extensive site giving information about Indonesia, business

According to the table in the above link, this is the ISP that DGIV has purchased:

Russia Information, Telephone co's Financial Markets: Telephone co's Financial Newsletters re: Russia

Republic of Mordovia: Very informative about Mordavia Encarta link. Mordovian Search Engine ** I believe it does not
work very well

Other information links Re: Technical analysis, charts foreign markets etc.: (part of it is fee based) This is part of the above, charts, futures trading, part of it is fee based Trend following trading Books on trading.


Again Welcome, to DIGITCOM, DGIV-OTC-BB(not for Long)

I only have eyes for {@+@}>>>>>DGIV