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To join our daily chat group in market hours, use the MIRC client from then log on to the server and join channel 50gains.

If this thread helps you make money, I encourage you to share your good fortune with the less fortunate at

So what is this thread all about?

Since the 50% Gains Investing thread began in fall 1997, our approach has aimed for sound portfolio management, mixing value and growth stocks. Most stocks are selected for their potential to increase by 50% over an extended period. However, the portfolio does not focus on “momentum investing” without regard for underlying fundamentals. Many selections are mid-cap or small-cap stocks with limited following by major Wall Street firms. Portfolio selections may be held for short or long periods, until they have reached fair value. Short positions, margin and options are used selectively.

Today the 50% Gains thread is a friendly place to hang out and talk about promising stocks, long and short. Most picks posted here should have a reasonable chance of going up 50% in the near future. Please tell us why you like the stock, too, and don't just litter the thread with stock symbols and exclamation points (you know, “ABCD is taking off!!!!!!!").

An important disclaimer – this is not a thread for leaders, followers, gurus, disciples, hypesters or bashers. Nobody here has any desire to be included in any of those categories. Anyone who does fit one of those labels will not enjoy their time with us.

We only have three rules – no spam, no BB stocks without audited financials, and please take your personal attacks somewhere else.

“My advice is, don’t sweat the short-term moves and the daily melodramas that too many fund managers try to outguess. As long as we beat the markets month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year, our portfolio balances will tell the tale.”


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