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Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. is a Delaware corporation, which trades on the OTC BB under the symbol PRAV. Paradigm's financial reports are filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc.
25 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 4B3

Phone: (905) 707-2158
Fax: (905) 707-2106
Web Site:


Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. is an aggressive company formed to capitalize on the fast-growing need for digital image and interactive GPS tracking technology in the security and communications industries. The technology developed by Paradigm has explosive potential. As the Company moves forward to provide new innovative products to these markets, great strides are being made on a daily basis which greatly increase the power, competitiveness and market outlook for Paradigm's leading edge product portfolio.

This is a very exciting time to be involved with Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. Years of hard work are behind us and the future looks bright. The GPS market is in a major growth pattern with new applications being developed daily. From the driver left stranded at the side of the road with a flat tire, to a trucking fleet manager tracking a critical shipment, to an aircraft having to land in fog, Paradigm can provide the solutions. We are confident that we have entered the right market with the right products at the right time.

The company's management team consists of a group of very talented individuals who, with their diverse and extensive technology-based backgrounds and network of technical development and manufacturing firms, are extremely creative in producing unique sophisticated products that have obvious utility and satisfy a huge industry appetite for cutting edge technologies.

Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide licensing agent for a broad-based wireless location patent (US Patent # 5,043,736), that covers the apparatus and method of transmitting position information from satellite navigational signals (such as GPS) over cellular systems to a base unit and displaying the location of a person or object so equipped. Paradigm's exclusive agency covers all fields of use for the patented system outside of criminal justice applications. The reexamined patent has four apparatus claims and two method claims and is valid until the year 2011. Paradigm announced on May 23, 2000 that it had entered into an agreement to acquire the above rights to US patent #B1 5,043,736. The acquisition price will be paid in Paradigm shares and options.

In March 2000, Paradigm acquired of all the outstanding shares of PowerLOC Technologies, Inc (, a Research and Development company that developed a novel L-commerce system architecture (L-BIZ) and a family of low-cost, mobile wireless devices.. As part of that acquisition Paradigm also acquired all outstanding shares of PowerPoint Micro Systems Inc (, a telecommunications systems integration firm that developed certain GPS technology and, since its corporation in 1992, completed over 100 telecom projects in more than 11 countries.

Paradigm is continuing to investigate additional acquisitions of other synergistic companies in the fields of wireless communications, software, radio frequency and e-commerce areas.

Paradigm also develops and distributes PC-based video surveillance products. The Company's VideoBank and Satcom products are designed to record, store and playback full motion, high-resolution color images which can be remotely viewed or transmitted over various types of communication media including T1, ADSL, ISDN, Cellular, and Satellite.


Paradigm has three (3) business units:

Paradigm Technologies - Specializes in licensing technologies to other companies.

Paradigm L-Commerce - Develops, licenses and markets GPS products for personal tracking, vehicle locating and asset tracking such as laptop computers, Palm Pilots and other valuable assets.

Paradigm Video Surveillance - Develops and markets video surveillance software for the security industry.


Paradigm has successfully negotiated the exclusive worldwide agency rights for a unique patent (US Patent # 5,043,736) which broadly patents the process of transmitting GPS co-ordinates via any cellular network. The patent was re-examined in 1994 (Re-examination Certificate # B1 5,043,736). The patent is valid until 2011. As a result of the re-examination, the number of claims was increased from four (4) to six (6). The re-examined patent has four (4) apparatus claims and two (2) method claims.

The applications being implemented in this field are vast, particularly given the FCC E-911 mandate, which is due to be implemented in September 2001. The E-911 mandate requires that the cellular phone carriers and manufacturers be able to identify the location where an emergency 911 call is made from a cellular phone. Independent research predicts that GPS will most likely be the most widely used means to determine the caller's exact location.

What constitutes the GPS solution is the provision of 26 satellites operated by the United States Air Force from a command center in Colorado. These satellites may be used to determine the exact longitude and latitude position of a person or object and are currently freely accessible. In order to determine a geographic location, a reading needs to be obtained from a minimum of three (3) satellites (triangulation). Technologies have been developed to improve the accuracy of the location reading, and to identify the location in areas where there is limited satellite vision, such as the interior of buildings.

Paradigm has developed a strategy for approaching prospective licensees, which includes comprehensive engineering and legal due diligence and which is aimed at encouraging prospective licensees to negotiate agreements rather than pursue litigation. Paradigm has identified other technology patents and intends to increase its licensing activities, by acquiring the licensing rights for other intellectual properties.


PowerLOC Technologies, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of L-Commerce and L-Business enabling technologies to the emerging industry of location based providers (LSPs). PowerLOC has developed a low-cost, miniature mobile-location GPS unit that transmits its position to a base station through existing PCS, pager or cellular phone wireless networks and is currently in the process of developing complete system solutions to several vertical markets. PowerLOC systems architecture includes three main components: 1) - the portable unit , 2) PL.tracker - a carrier grade server that acts as network controller, GPS location server, Internet gateway and billing system, and 3) PL.client - a client's software only solution that includes a fully featured geographical information software (GIS) engine.

Power Point Micro Systems Corporation is an international telecommunications consulting firm specializing in wireless and wireline, voice and data systems integration. Since its incorporation in 1992, and in partnership with leading carriers and network equipment manufacturers, Power Point has designed and in most cases deployed more than 100 large-scale telecom and datacom networks in more than 11 countries. (

PowerLOC has a strategic alliance agreement with Compugen Systems Ltd. ("Compugen") (, whereby Compugen will license PowerLOC's technology and will receive distribution rights to products developed by PowerLOC. A number of applications will be jointly developed by PowerLOC and Compugen. Compugen has received "Canada's 50 Best Managed Private Companies award for 1999, 1998 and 1997 and received the Microsoft award for Operational Excellence in Canada in 1999. For over 19 years, Compugen has been providing industry-leading information technology solutions and services to medium and large size corporations. Compugen has significant relationships with key vendors including Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Microsoft and has a national sales and service organization which numbers 500. International customers are supported through GlobalServe Computer Services Limited, an international network of large systems integrators formed to support large corporations who have operations around the world.


Paradigm's main video product is the "VideoBank DVR", which is a software-based video surveillance system. This system differs from conventional, hardware-based video surveillance systems, which rely upon video cassette recorders (VCRs), in that the VideoBank system digitally records images, and stores them in and retrieves them from a computer's memory instead of a video cassette tape. This system eliminates many of the problems associated with operating a VCR-based security system, such as storage and preservation of video cassette tapes and the possibility of mechanical failures and breakdowns of the VCR or other components of the system. It also introduces a measure of efficiency in installing improvements to the system, because improvements can be made simply by implementing upgrades to the software, instead of having to purchase and install new hardware components. At the same time, although additional image storage capacity can be added simply by augmenting the computer's memory, the software-based video surveillance system has the drawback of being highly dependent on low-cost, high-capacity removable data storage media. Based upon current trends in computer hardware pricing, however, the Company believes that such low-cost, removable data storage media (including, for example, optical data disks) will continue to become more widely available in the future.

Management Team

David Kerzner: Mr. Kerzner has over 18 years of experience in the conception, start-up and development of numerous businesses. More specifically, he has pioneered several marketing efforts with new technologies including a Power Factor Controller, which was licensed by NASA to United Energy Technologies, Inc. for the Canadian market. Mr. Kerzner, also established and eventually sold Interactive Security Systems, Inc., a company that provides security systems and services to many high-profile companies and individuals throughout Canada, including systems for the Toronto Dominion Bank's TD Centre and Olympia and York's First Canadian Place. In addition, he was instrumental in forming a publicly traded company called Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. which has developed the VideoBank software. VideoBank was one of the first software solutions of its kind to be introduced to the security industry. Mr. Kerzner played a key role in negotiating an agency agreement for the worldwide rights for a broad-based patent that encompasses the process of transmitting GPS coordinates via any Cellular Network.

Selwyn Wener: Mr. Wener was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Paradigm on February 1, 1998. Mr. Wener has been the Principal of S&L Associates, a financial services and investor relations consulting firm since 1997. Mr. Wener was the Chief Financial Officer for SoftQuad International Inc., a public development company, from 1994 to 1997, and Chief Financial Officer and General Manager for Legacy Storage Systems Inc., a computer disk storage manufacturer and distributor from 1989 to 1993. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer for Palco Telecom Inc., a telecommunications manufacturer, and Vice President Finance for Burson Marsteller, a large international public relations firm. Mr. Wener has a Chartered Accountant (CA) certification from South Africa where he was a partner in a medium sized firm of chartered accountants.

Eduardo Guendelman: Mr. Guendelman is the CEO of PowerLOC Technologies, Inc. Prior to joining PowerLOC, Mr. Guendelman served for five years as the CEO of Powerpoint Microsystems Inc., a successful international telecommunications consulting firm which implemented voice and data netwoks in USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Turkey, Jamaica, Pakistan, India and other locations. Mr. Guendelman was the Chief Operating Officer of TelePower International Inc, a high tech firm specializing in the development of CTI solutions and technologies. From 1998 to 1995, Mr. Guendelman was the President and COO of Computer Junction, a system house focused in providing turnkey local and wide area connectivity solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Prior to that position, Mr. Guendelman was the Executive Vice President of Lexicom International, a division of a high tech manufacturer with annual sales exceeding 10 billion dollars. Mr. Guendelman was also the Chief Technology Officer of Sesame Systems, an R&D company which developed and patented speech recognition, voice verification, and voice compression algorithms, solutions and products. Mr. Guendelman was involved for nine years in the development of airborne avionics and navigation systems for advanced military airports.

Jacob Kerzner: Mr. Kerzner has served as the director of the Company since its founding. Mr. Kerzner currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nightingale Healthcare Inc., a privately owned hospital and nursing home staffing company founded by Mr. Kerzner in 1986. Mr. Kerzner also owns and operates a security guard response company Primary Response which employs several hundred people, servicing the Toronto area.

Malcolm Robins: Mr. Robins was appointed Director of Strategic Marketing Sales for PowerLOC Technologies Inc. in April 2000. Mr. Robins brings a wealth of industry-related experience to his new position. He was the President and General Manager of Mandatek Marketing Inc., a channel sales organization for North American technology suppliers. Prior to that, Mr. Robins was Business Development Manager and Manager, Corporate Market Development for Clearnet Communications Inc., a cellular phone carrier, where he brought the PCS phone, packaging and product support programs to market and launched a channel sales program. Mr. Robins has also served as Director Franchising and Director Telecommunications for the MicroAge and Compucentre networks for Hartco Enterprises Inc. Mr. Robins prior experience includes positions with Sharp Electronics, Zenith Data Systems and Andor Systems.


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