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This is a clown free gold zone. We are interested in all the factors that influence the price of Gold and Gold Mining stocks. That means just about everything is on the table for discussion here: Interest rates, value of the USD, inflation/deflation, global crisis, quantitative easing/tightening, central bank instability, gold reserves, jewelry and industry, gold production, supply vs demand, economic outlook, struggling markets, currency devaluation, trade and growth imbalances, price movement of other commodities, such as copper and silver, in combination with global demand for these commodities.
Market commentary is welcome here, as well as personal life experiences and dialogue that will help us all become better investors/traders and above all, better human beings.
Moreover, bulls and bears are equally welcome on this thread. What matters is your insight.
Precious metal stock recommendations are permitted. But do tell us why you bought or sold the stock short.
Option trades are also welcome.
This is a thread for free spirits who are open, flexible and sincere and who will hold everyone accountable for their ideas and positions. It is healthy to be challenged and questioned.
Be yourself and have fun.

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