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This stock was recently a hot pick on an internet forum. It is at a 52 week low. Has been profitable since 1992. Has 1.7 million in cash and outstanding current and quick ratios. It is down recently due to quarter to quarter drop in profits. I just bought in at 1 9/32. Is anyone else following this stock enough to provide additional info.

Armanino's revenue has once again been setting new revenue records.

The recent dividend has been raised to 2 cents quarterly.

The intermediate high was set on May 11 2016 at 2.34.

The yield on this solid little sleeper is in the 3.5 % plus range.

If you need a place to park extra cash and get a yield over 3.5 % - this is a dandy.

On big up days and big down days this stock retains its value and offers an above market dividend yield (at a favorable tax rate) with wonderful stability.

Management owns a substantial portion of this company, and thus they are extremely stockholder friendly.

Buy yourself some shares - throw then in a drawer and fuggetabout em.

You'll be glad you did!

Best of trades to all.


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