Ban List for Zman Market Timing

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
Bonefish02/08/2018 06:27pmtrash talkYou still have money?1
Kirk ©01/12/2018 07:34pmTauntingDo you ever do a recap of past Zman Top15
seminole01/12/2018 01:24pmTrash TalkLet's just let the market do the talking1
AdvocatusDiaboli01/06/2018 07:23pmContribut s nothing but snarkMore dates being handed out here than at196
Trumptown10/24/2017 09:06pmViolation of anti-snark policyBeen calling tops since Trump got electe89
AJ Muckenfus09/06/2017 03:59pmTroll. Evidently he can't read the rules of Zman's board, or was sent on suicide mission by the king of trolls.Gz: It is sad to see SI experiencing so1
GROUND ZERO™09/02/2017 10:13amJust look at this post and tell me this kind of garbage distraction is not destroying what was a great market timing board. This has nothing to do with market timing and is a personal attack. I will not allow garbage like this on my board.I find your plea hollow and insincere...768
nicewatch05/16/2017 11:16pmNo Trump propaganda allowed on my thread.Fareed, the plagiarist, really? And foll1
w0z02/05/2017 01:14amRight wing propaganda and fake news "Same story I hear from every Obama ha7
toccodolce01/22/2017 06:49pmNoiseBut they still look like Michelle -- lar6
StockDung01/21/2017 01:27amGet lost! Go back to your right wang propaganda threads. Donald Trump Inauguration Protesters1
robert b furman01/20/2017 04:16pmToo much right wing propagandaI suppose that diminishes his accomplish136
rogermci®01/11/2017 09:12pmTrollOne way or the other you'll be right thu1
SGJ01/02/2017 10:42pmn/aYou led your followers into a hole. Chi84
Steve Redding12/13/2016 06:20pmTroll((100% Guaranteed))1
mattstat12/05/2016 08:17pmTrollI recall someone called a top last week.1
tntpal11/12/2016 12:21pmGet off my thread loserBernie Sanders, The Bum Who Wants Your M1
the traveler11/10/2016 05:18pmBernie bashingBernie??who is Bernie??????????????????2
flrtrader10/23/2016 05:59pmDeplorable noise...Wow, These are your thoughts z? Wann43
Woody03/12/2016 10:09pmDisrespectfulFeel the Bern? With all due respect, p1
rayrohn02/11/2016 07:10pmright wing trouble makerlol u should change the Header from Zman4
Blind Freddy08/21/2015 01:38pmMisrepresenting my calls[blockquote]Message #http://www.sil7
Blasher08/12/2014 11:58amn/ayour true colors come out . . good bye.14
golfer7208/11/2014 11:44pmAnother Tea Party nitwit.Sorry I cant let stupid comments go unre5
Ken Adams05/14/2014 10:35amn/aAll this has become too juvenile... as J3
pedro_deleon04/15/2014 01:58pmAnnoying, dime a dozen, internet Teaparty armchair economist is wasting bandwidth on this boardJapan in the 30s. Uh huh. Like German20

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