Ban List for Humble1 and Swing Trading Friends

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
golfer7201/07/2018 09:33pmbeen warned. no reason here but taunting and trouble making never any market content.Just keep doubting him. Now you see how23
Trumptown01/06/2018 05:12pmharrassment of a great timer from a fake posterSure hope that prediction is better than3
freelyhovering11/17/2017 03:25amtemporarry; under investigation. he has seven bans and with good reason. not a serious poster, imho.When is the $spx crash coming?6
Jack of All Trades09/08/2017 11:43amfoul language, food fight, no trading content, flood controlGrow up, $hit happens, pay attention and12
the traveler09/04/2017 07:22pmadmin please note. this is what happens when you give a troll another chance. see post.n/a1
da_cheif™11/10/2016 07:00amwe do not do u-tube links here
GROUND ZERO™01/14/2016 06:15aminsane babble about a picture i postedDear humble1, I'm really dismayed and283
ex-prechtologist07/03/2014 11:06ami am not going to allow this discussion hereDa Chief is the only one who knows RDK [1

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