Ban List for Immunomedics (IMMU) - moderated

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
MicronBuII11/03/2017 06:34pmn/an/a0
alberto2210/31/2017 03:31pmn/a In my humble opinion, the most importa5
donethat09/28/2017 11:07pmPolitical diatribe, totally unwelcome.n/a3
IanSalmon08/14/2017 01:59pmTotally useless post by someone with an ID created today. Round N+1 of new, disruptive posts.Hello, everyone. I'm new here, and I was1
gary12307/30/2017 03:02pmUnnecessary insults.The board exist for sharing opinions on665
Virginia Raggi07/27/2017 01:21amImpersonation.n/a0
M.Toro07/06/2017 07:59pmn/an/a0
OligarchPyotr07/06/2017 07:42pmn/an/a0
Oldie4Goldy07/06/2017 05:35pmn/an/a0
Sir Doctor David07/06/2017 05:03pmn/an/a0
Oomoo07/06/2017 05:01pmn/an/a0
tothemoooooon07/06/2017 09:47amn/aOk listen up guys and gals. Amateur hour1
Erick's Son07/03/2017 11:35pmn/an/a0
IMMU Fridays06/30/2017 11:07amn/an/a0
GCowan06/29/2017 11:07pmOh please. White on white fonts at the end of posts?Am making a research and find this video20
rmarket06/21/2017 10:41amDeleted post insulting another member.What is the short position? It appears w60
SvenTaxiDriver06/21/2017 12:30amI don't know whether this is intended to be cute or what, but the whole MOOOOO thing is unwelcome.Hi Mr. Fitzhugh. I noticed a certain pos3
BoiseBear06/12/2017 04:27pmCreating a handle that is easily interpreted as targeting a long-time poster.n/a0
MicronBull06/12/2017 04:25pmI made it clear that people who insist on useless posts will be banned, you ignored that warning.Teetime, I hate to do this, but you s158
rhamb06/12/2017 12:48pmI made it clear that people who insist on useless posts will be banned, you ignored that warning.I could not agree with you more, nice mo5
MooFooGaiFan06/12/2017 12:24amPoster registered today deliberately being disruptive == ban.Thank moo. As well as following the1
EMU203/03/2017 04:50pmI exlicitly warned against baiting earlier today. Since you cannot particularly restrain yourself, I will.You have NO CLUE what I'm, "arguing for"508
superfly07/15/2015 12:38amcontinually pushes the limits clearly outlined in the cover letter and apparently ignored my private e-mail.LI I love you man. Doesn't it seem149

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