Ban List for Technology Stocks & Market Talk With Don Wolanchuk

BannedBanned onModerator's Reason for BanLink to Offending PostAll posts
candlestickit06/12/2018 03:51pmmorons arent allowedWhat is clx? Clorox? Bleach to clean th2
POKERSAM05/18/2018 10:55pmnow that i let the world of SI see what kind of physco.s there are on SI the flood of pms i have recieved to bouince him was all i needcedDealing with slugs like you helps pass t68
cmhj200005/07/2018 03:07pmAdditional Info: Too many children with egos that belittle others for no good reason are posting on the Internet. IMO Wolanchuk is the worse and Humble 1 is right behind him with Zman, IMO.OMG, waiting for the day when there are14
Doug R04/19/2018 03:22pmon the wrong boardDon't you mean short everything? That i8
John P04/16/2018 04:35amcluttering up my thread with a bunch of self indulging bullcrap[table width="100%" border="0" class="st133
emini04/13/2018 05:47ampostting unintelligable infoyou mean like since 1999 ? [embedded image]3
threedrives04/11/2018 01:48pmtotally out to lunch with stupid questionsWhat better way to reset the DEBT pile t42
sandeep04/06/2018 12:26pmi warned him about political crapn/a722
sylvester8003/25/2018 11:06pmcoming on this thread to diss our president is verbotten there are other threads that cater to snowflakesGood post. However I doubt if a narcissi103
zzpat09/10/2017 11:59amto much inane blathering clutterI'm not saying tax cuts are always bad,21
SwampDogg04/19/2017 11:20pmrefuses to give technical reasons for being bearishThe market has done nothing this year T196
Cautious_Optimist04/03/2017 11:39am The left was extremely tough on4
Slewnior03/30/2017 02:00pmcomes here to bash and nothing elseyou forgot "fake/paper trader"...just sa51
lizardK03/30/2017 01:56pmcomes here to disparage a poster when he has a history of being ....... well his history speaks for itselfthat is definitely an understatement! LO10

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