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McEwen Mining became a reality with the completion of the Merger of US Gold Corp (UXG) and Minera Andes (MNEAF) at each of their respective Shareholders Meeting held on Jan 19, 2012. The new name, McEwen Mining is expected to be listed on the NYSE and Toronto Exchange on or about 24 January 2012.

The CEO of McEwen Mining is Mining Legend Rob McEwen. He is the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Goldcorp Inc. (GG) which is, by market capitalization, the second largest gold producer in the world. Since 1993 to his departure, when Rob started restructuring Goldcorp Inc., its market capitalization grew from $50 Million to over $8 Billion and its share price increased at compound annual rate of growth of 31%.

______ CEO Rob McEwen _____
Rob believes that management should be as personally invested in a company as its shareholders, and as such he owns 20% of US Gold Corporation, 30% of Minera Andes Inc., shares, and receives no salary. His total Investment in both companies is $110 Million. He believes in providing Shareholder Value. Rob purchased all his shares and makes money the same way as the Individual Shareholders though Shareholder Value.

After leaving Gold Corp Rob McEwen bought US Gold and has bought several gold companies in the Nevada Gold Trends to create an excellent Land Package of Exploration Properties. Currently it's GOLD Bar property will come into production during mid-2012, with an initial production of 50,000 ounces of Gold per year.

US Gold's land holdings were a total of approximately 1,600 square miles pre-merger.

This includes 260 square miles in the State of Nevada, of which 170 occur along the Cortez Trend.

The company also holds 1,400 square miles Sinaloa State, Mexico where US. Golds El Gallo Complex will be producing 5M ozs of low cost silver per year.
El Gallo is a Pure Silver Mine, not Silver as a byproduct.

El Gallo will be one of the ten largest Pure Silver Mines once in production.

Also Phase 1 of the El Gallo Complex is the Magistral Gold Mine. Phase 1, which will commence in mid-2012 and will focus on the permitted satellite gold deposits at the project and is expected to produce 30,000 ounces of gold per year after initial ramp up. This decision is expected to generate cash flows approximately two years earlier than originally planned.

The US Gold Corp Merger with Minera Andes (MNEAF) creating McEwen Mining will add significantly to McEwen Minings land holdings and bottom line. . Minera owns 49% of the San Jose Mine in Argentina. 2010 Production: Silver–5.3 million oz, Gold-84,000 oz.
San José is an underground mine located approximately 20 km north of Goldcorp’s Cerro Negro project in the northwest corner of the Deseado Massif region of Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Minera also owns some excellent exploration property that surrounds Gold Corps Cerro Negro Property on 3 sides.

San Jose Property 562 Sq. Miles
Loz Azules Property 79 sq Miles - World Class Copper Mine with 12 Billion tons of Copper in the Andes Mountains, not yet in production,
Exploration Property 192 Sq. Miles
Total = 863 Sq. Miles

The combined company will be a low-cost, mid-tier silver producer with a strong balance sheet, an income stream, a producing silver gold mine, a development pipeline of two silver and gold mines in Mexico and Nevada, and production out of Argentina. In June 2011, if you combined the treasuries, there would be more than $120 million (M) in cash, no debt, and trade liquidity on the NYSE.

US Gold is the only Gold Exploration Company on the NYSE.

US Gold / McEwen Mining's goal is to qualify for inclusion in the S&P 500 by 2015, which takes a Market Cap of $5 Billion.

Rob McEwen is an excellent CEO for a number of reasons, below I touch on only a couple of them.

Due to his previous leadership as Founder, CEO and largest shareholder of Gold Corp when he departed, Rob is highly sought after for interviews that include his views on the future Price of Gold, and creating another Gold Corp with US Gold Corp. Being a highly sought after for interviews makes promoting US Gold, (and in the future McEwen Mining) easy. A simple search on Goggle or YouTube will produce a plethora of interviews both Written and Video.

Not being born and bred in the mining industry, Rob is someone who thinks outside the "Mining Box". Thinking outside the box has yielded many success's with both Gold Corp and US Gold Corp. Some of Rob's ideas when thinking outside the box have been nothing short of Phenomenal. In the following link, Rob discusses the "Gold Corp Challenge" to what appears to be Collage Students. This is an excellent example of his way of thinking.

Here are a couple of recent interviews also from Jan 2012 to get you started.

Video - Kitco's
Daniela Cambone Interviews Rob at US Gold Corp's HQ in Toronto. Jan 12th. 16 Minutes!

Video - Business News Network Interview Jan 12th. "Markets Betting on McEwen"

Video - Rob McEwen Keynote Speaker 124th Annual Toronto Board of Trade Dinner
Jan 30, 2012
An Evening with Rob McEwen - How he built Gold Corp and McEwen Mining

Rob McEwen's Web Site

Rob McEwen's FaceBook Page with updates and pictures of progress on Developing Properties.
Copy & Paste

Hopefully the above will give Potential Investors and Thread Participants a starting point.

The first 3 Board Posts give detailed info on the Nevada Properties along with maps and Mexico Property.

Live Long and Prosper Fellow Shareholders

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It's intent is to Share information, Ideas and Due Diligence of McEwen Mining and closely Related Topics.

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