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The Solyndra Scandal threatens to engulf the current administration.

More news is coming out daily revealing further depths of

giving of US taxpayer money in the billions to political donors to the current administration in crony political deals involving solar companies and other "global warming" related companies

failure of "alternative energy" companies, which cannot stand on their own two feet

the failure of the much promoted "jobs" which would purportedly have been created by the "global warming" related industries

Obama admires solar panels during a trip to Florida.

The extent to which the current administration is concerned about its Solyndra disaster is shown by the sudden flurry of activity by the news media (most notably by the New York TIMES) to deflect attention for the Solyndra Scandal away from the current administration.

How damaging is the Solyndra Scandal and what it affects to the entire heavily promoted premise of "global warming" and its related industries?

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