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What will President George W. Bush (43) do in his second term? He has received a mandate for judicial appointments. His mandate to finish the job in Iraq is clear. With the increase in Senate Seats he should be given the ability to govern without having to bow down to the RINO Senators except in token ways.

(2006 Update democrats confuse their narrow victories for a mandate to install corrupt long term Congresspersons in positions of power. They are also moderating their cut and run rhetoric now that they will share responsibility for the results.)

This should drive the liberally biased Former Main Stream Media (FMSM) nuts. (Update: It did, their response was to conduct a 24 month campaign of lies against the President and Republicans while providing cover for corrupt democrats.)

Will Iraq become a beacon of freedom in the Middle East?
What is next in the Middle East?
Will the President appoint Judicial Conservatives to the Appellate and Supreme Court? - (Two Supremes isn't bad. but Senate Republicans dragged their feet on more Appellate nominees.)
Will President Bush finally veto an excessive spending bill?
(Update - as of 2006 no! He did veto one bill on religious moral grounds though.)
Will Democrats finally calm down and stop the vituperation bile spewing from their every orifice? (Update - they kept it up through the 2006 election and enough people believed leftwing attack lies that Democrats will control both houses of Congress in 2007)
How long will the ghost of Clinton’s lies hover over the Democrat Party? (See above update)
Will Dan Rather and Mary Mapes survive their fraud? (1/10/2005 - Mapes Fired / Three Producers forced to resign / Rather Biased kept to spin again / eventually Rather Biased "retired" under pressure but kept on CBS's faltering 60 Minutes brand)
Why doesn't the FMSM report about Dan Rather's heroin abuse?
Will ABC's Mark Halperin survive his getting caught mandating media bias? (Almost three years later the answer is that ABC is entrenched with biased liberal Democrats with no excuses for their arrogance.)
3/23/2006: Will ABC's John R Green suffer for his intemperate BDS comments which Drudge brought to light?
2/12/05: Eason Jordan resigns from CNN over his false accusation the US troops targeted journalists in Iraq, after surviving his admitted conspiracy with the Hussein’s prior to liberation.

5/2005 Newsweek Michael Isikoff caught inventing stories to incite Muslim violence. It is interesting reviewing evidence that he never rushed out a story that could hurt a Democrat. Newsweek issued half hearted apology. The partisan liar remains on staff to lie again.

Will the FMSM survive or whither into oblivion?

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Thank you father for saving us from tyranny.

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