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This forum is about trying to understand Islam.

Here are specific articles viewing Islam from a positive point

A rather more positive interpretation/translation of Koran 

Human Rights in Islam 

A positive spin on Islam's treatment of Women 

And Here is a powerful argument that Islam treats women well, actually better than Judaism and Christianity: 


The following links concentrate on negative sides of Islam:

Women: An inferior breed: 

"Jihad in America" a link for the 1 hr PBS documentary, made in 1995 after the World Trade Center #1 terrorist attack 

A review of Islam: Mohammed and Mohammedanism 

The Koran and the non-believers 

Reference Sources:

The Koran: 


And The following 2 articles can be viewed somewhere in between postive and negative sides of Islam:

Free Muslim thinkers: 

There is also a book titled Why I am Not a Muslim written by IBN Warraq (himself a former Muslim). Eventhough the title of the book may suggest otherwise, it is a well documented with proofs and valid resources, well written pieice of work that I suggest everyone to read.


So the question is:

Is it Islam that is evil, or those who call themselves Muslims, and are giving the ideology a bad name, evil?

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