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This forum is about discussions on religion, and in particular Islam.

Islam is interpreted differently among people of all nations. Some call it the religion of terror and destruction, and some call it the religion of love and peace.

No one should take any of the postings personal, it is not meant to insault, or disrespect one's beliefs. All discussions are meant to be in a frame work of mutual respect, and well founded logical explanations.

To begin with here are a few resources on understanding Islam, Quaran, and its prophet Mohammed. the first set of resources concentrate on the more dark and negative sides of Koran and Islam, and the second set of resurces provide a rather positive brighter sides of Islam.

An excellent book with a totally objective view of the religion is called Why I am not a Muslim written by a former Muslim. Despite the book's name implying otherwise it does provide a realistic objective view of the religion. You can buy this and read about the reviews of it at

The following links concentrate on negative sides of Islam:

Women: An inferior breed:

The Mind of a suicide Bomber, and how Islam promotes dying rather than living - a documentary by MSNBC:

"Jihad in America" a link for the 1 hr PBS documentary, made in 1995 after the World Trade Center #1 terrorist attack

A review of Islam: Mohammed and Mohammedanism

The Koran and the non-believers

Reference Sources:

The Koran:

And here are specific articles noting the positive attributes of Islam:

A rather more positive interpretation/translation of Koran

Human Rights in Islam

A positive spin on Islam's treatment of Women

And Here is a powerful argument that Islam treats women well, actually better than Judaism and Christianity:


And The following 2 articles can be viewed somewhere in between postive and negative sides of Islam:

Free Muslim thinkers:

So the question is:

Is it Islam that is evil, or those who call themselves Muslims, and are giving the ideology a bad name, evil?

Should the genuine Muslims declare a Jihad against all those who call themsleves Mulsims and yet have absolutely no clue what the religion is all about and therefore giving the religion a bad name?

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