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It is the intention of this thread to place Islam in focus without any political correctness of the time, and to truly, genuinely and honestly undestand it.

Here are specific resources viewing Islam from a positive point

The Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America

Islamic Affairs Department of The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

About "Jihad"

American Muslim Alliance website

A rather more positive interpretation/translation of Koran

Human Rights in Islam

A positive spin on Islam's treatment of Women

And Here is a powerful argument that Islam treats women well, actually better than Judaism and Christianity:


The following links concentrate on negative sides of Islam:

Women: An inferior breed:

"Jihad in America" a link for the 1 hr PBS documentary, made in 1995 after the World Trade Center #1 terrorist attack

A review of Islam: Mohammed and Mohammedanism

The Koran and the non-believers

Reference Sources:

The Koran:


And The following 2 articles can be viewed somewhere in between postive and negative sides of Islam:

Free Muslim thinkers:

There is also a book titled Why I am Not a Muslim written by IBN Warraq (himself a former Muslim). Eventhough the title of the book may suggest otherwise, it is well documented with proofs and valid resources, and absolutely objective (in my humble view of course), well written piece of work that I suggest everyone to read.


And here is a link to a rather very interesting post done by one of SI's members:

Message 16631237

And here is the teachings of one of the most prominent disciples of Mohammad and Islam which are based on his interpretation of Quran and the book of Hadith:


And to understand why it is the intention of this thread to Understand Islam without trying to be "politically correct" click on the link below. It will take a couple of minutes to load if you have a DSL, or a cable, but about 15 minutes or so with a 56k modem. But it is well worth the wait to watch.

So the question is:

Is it Islam that is evil, or those who just like to call themselves Muslims, and are giving the ideology a bad name, evil?

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