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Stelax industries (STAX OTC:BB) has enormous potential. If you follow this stock, it has been an interesting ride. As of late, little PR has definitely hurt the price of the stock. Earlier company reports of a $40 mil. of their NOUVINOX product seem to conflict with their latest quarterly report. There is much to tell about this company. I will sum it up, but it is best to visit their website at:

Stelax (formerly Zfax Image Corp.) bought a stainless steel rolling mill in Wales, England. Along with it, they purchased the rights to a process called NOUVINOX from Burnside & Assoc. This process bonds stainless steel to high carbon steel, or the like, giving the qualities of stainless steel at about half the price, and it is 50% stronger depending on the inner core type.
On news of the financing package for this deal, the stock rose, but the deal was delayed and it sank somewhat. When final word came through, it topped @ approx. 3 5/8, this was up from about $.25 before the deal began. Lately, the plant has been running 2 shifts, possibly 3 by now.
There were earlier reports from the company of a backlog of $40 mil. for their product from various large companies, and they are supposedly working against that. When production is fully underway, great results should show.
The only lackluster part of this story is that the company has not kept up good PR. Little news has come from them... Perhaps they are too busy getting production underway. Because of this, the stock price has sunk back to $.75 again. This level has triggered buying in the recent past, although this time the trading has not been as heavy.
With the enormous potential this company has, this level is a great opportunity to buy in. With a new listing on the Paris exchange of about $10 to $11 million U.S., the company is going to pay off most all of its debt and buy materials with which to swing into full production and start pumping out the product full bore.
This is just the nutshell version. Full details and explanations exist on their website. This is not a stock to pass up. They own one of the most automated steel rolling plants in England, and a superior product can come from them. Please take a look at their latest quarterly report as well.

For a price quote try:
For charts try:

Please remember that their symbol changed this summer from ZFAX to STAX, so chart both to see their price history.
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1112FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For More Information, Contact: July 6, 2000 HarmoJim Drewitz-7/6/2000
1111 Still good for a grub though. <g> -Joefaqsnlojiks -3/22/2000
1110 Decidedly, all the action is on RagingBull now, as well as some French forums Evolution-3/21/2000
1109 Nice to see some support in the stock today.. Push back into the $2 range... Eric G. Erpenbeck-3/17/2000
1108 STAX traded at 2.98 euro-dollars this morning in Paris, on volume of 49,000 shEvolution-3/6/2000
1107 NEWS! 470,000 Pounds STELAX Industries, Ltd. Announces an Agreement for 470,00Evolution-3/1/2000
1106 STAX now has opened in Paris. Seems they waited for the opening in the US beforEvolution-3/1/2000
1105 STAX has not yet opened in Paris "Second marche", even though the sesEvolution-3/1/2000
1104 Well, owning a wad of Oracle in the single digits, amongst others, long since cScott Munson-2/28/2000
1103 You sure follow this board pretty closely for a disinterested trader.Gerard DeSantis-2/28/2000
1102 Scott, Looking at the action today - seems you need to slam this stock a littlzinger-2/28/2000
1101 Scott, LOL. They report in pounds because that is how it is bought and SOLD inrjbac-2/25/2000
1100 STELAX Industries, Ltd. Announces Third Quarter and Nine Month Financial ResultGlenn M-2/25/2000
1099 I don't think so. They have to report their orders in POUNDS? That's paScott Munson-2/25/2000
1098 Scott, Just wanted to let you know that I have empathy for you... Please get brjbac-2/25/2000
1097 Sounds like sour grapes to me. You sold your shares for around .42 cents a whilrjbac-2/25/2000
1096 So quiet here. I would expect with this price move everyone would be jumping.Scott Munson-2/24/2000
1095 WE have a new Presidents message at our website superb, well wrirjbac-2/16/2000
1094 STELAX Industries, Ltd. Announces an Agreement for 44,000 Pounds of NUOVINOX ReGlenn M-2/10/2000
1093 I think I am safe in saying that it won't go far. Where are you rjbac? I mScott Munson-1/30/2000
1092 Quote | Real-Time Quote NEW! | Charts | News | Financials | Discussion | EarninGlenn M-1/24/2000
1091 Don't know. I have been holding for a long time and am almost back to evenMichael Dean-1/24/2000
1090 This is an point that was ID'ed as a breakout point about 6 months ago but zinger-1/24/2000
1089 Hey, STAX is at $1.14 this morning. Is this a break-out or just a flash in the Evolution-1/24/2000
1088 It's too quite here!01/11 10:58 STELAX Industries, Ltd. Announces the SeconGlenn M-1/18/2000
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