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Does anyone trade TCHP -- what are your thoughts ... The stock has
fallen below $2.0. I have been monitoring it for a while. I like
their technology but have no idea about their business sence.

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636 TCHP taught me a ton so it was worth the price of the education. What started Bear Down-03/27/2000 04:18 PM
635 I couldn't find any news, but my thousands of dollar investment in this comDavid R. Stockwell-03/27/2000 03:22 PM
634 e means financials are wondering is about the dropping of the Q.....Bear Down-03/27/2000 12:52 PM
633 hmmm the stock changed symbols  Does this mean they aDavid R. Stockwell-03/27/2000 11:58 AM
632 What's up??? Haven't seen any postings here since last summer, then al_Highlander-03/14/2000 10:54 PM
631 I still have my 100 shares also. It was so low I couldn't sell. Maybe if thWR61499-03/14/2000 08:38 PM
630 i've still got my shares... after all the rev splits, i'm suprised i haDavid R. Stockwell-03/14/2000 08:20 PM
629 Its pretty tough finding ANY information on this bankrupt company. Can't ugman-03/14/2000 07:17 PM
628 I don't know what is going on,but today it is up 12 cents to 34 cents or 54WR61499-03/14/2000 06:47 PM
627 lol I saw it too in my portfolio. last i looked it was worth a couple bucks, bDavid R. Stockwell-03/14/2000 03:49 PM
626 is this stock trading again? I have had it in my portfolio for a few years. gman-03/14/2000 10:50 AM
625 laughing.... yeah that was the latest that i could find!!! David R. Stockwell-06/30/1999 10:55 AM
624 "No news is good news" All the quotes you've listed are ancient _Highlander-06/30/1999 10:52 AM
623 where do we go on the internet to figure out how many shares are available forDavid R. Stockwell-06/30/1999 08:37 AM
622 of course if you go out and buy a majority stake, you could take over the compDavid R. Stockwell-06/30/1999 08:15 AM
621 nope, we hold our worthless shares together. I am just hoping it will be pickedDavid Cimbol-06/30/1999 02:18 AM
620 I thought you were selling them at the swapmeet? David R. Stockwell-06/29/1999 01:21 PM
619 Just a curious inquiry... I still have my (worthless?) shares. Has anything h_Highlander-06/29/1999 12:14 PM
618 I noticed the quote thru schwab is 4297/100000 The question though, why the iDavid R. Stockwell-01/13/1999 06:51 AM
617 Does anybody have a clue to the debt of this now shell. Are the BK prceeedingsBear Down-12/19/1998 12:41 AM
616 Yep, I am one of those over $4 suckers...nice manipulation going on with this oDavid Cimbol-07/17/1998 10:41 PM
615 When a company has a "Q" added to its symbol,it usually means it is bWR61499-07/13/1998 08:29 PM
614 I see that Yahoo Finance has TCHP changing to TCHPQ today. 08:14 AM
613 That's pretty much the way I saw it. Too bad the thieves couldn't pump_Highlander-07/07/1998 11:14 AM
612 I think it was just someone making a buck on pure rumor, since a lot of people David R. Stockwell-07/07/1998 09:21 AM
611 Did anybody ever find out what the burst in volume and price was all about. Peeric basart-07/07/1998 01:30 AM
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