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The time is ripe for a brand new DWCH thread, given company's record results for quarter ended 6/30/96: earnings of $681,000, or eight cents per share, as compared to a loss of $66,000 in the same period a year earlier; revenues for the quarter set a record of $8,027,000, increasing 37% over the third quarter a year ago.

I've owned DWCH since last year and am pleased to see DWCH hitting on all cyllinders: Monarch for Windows, a "must have it" app, extracting data from any system generated report file; sort, query, download only the data you need, no need to directly query the database; Q-Support, DWCH's entry in hot help desk market; netOctopus, N/W admin software, and Virex antivirus software.

The tone is bullish for rest of year: new version of Monarch will offer intranet report distribution capabilities with its PRF Portable Report File technology, even a report server will be available; Q-Support is growing nicely, and DWCH expanding on antivirus software front(why should McAffee have all the fun? :-)

I've owned DWCH since 10/95, so do your homework, all common sense disclaimers apply. But I do expect DWCH to snap 52 week high of 11 5/8 and aside from some buy-side interest from Soundview, no major analysts are even following DWCH yet, AFAIK.

Check out their press releases at  and their web site, I'd like to hear your comments.

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454 No order in. I was set to enter one in when it dipped below 2 but the newborn Tom Klempay-05/09/2000 10:41 PM
453 >>>It's getting closer again... Looks like got an orderTLindt-05/09/2000 10:47 AM
452 It's getting closer again... Tom Klempay-05/09/2000 09:59 AM
451 Nothing wrong with that...same thing I did, but I left seed in the field. TLindt-04/28/2000 12:28 PM
450 Out at 2 5/8 but I'll be back... -tk Tom Klempay-04/28/2000 12:23 PM
449 >>>Well what :-). Can't complain, over 40% for one day. How 'bTLindt-04/27/2000 05:10 PM
448 Well what :-). Can't complain, over 40% for one day. How 'bout you? Tom Klempay-04/27/2000 05:05 PM
447 Well? TLindt-04/27/2000 04:15 PM
446 Good one... Check out BILL if you are into bottom fishing fallouts. They annoTLindt-04/26/2000 04:02 PM
445 Patience paid off this morning, 1 25/32. Tom Klempay-04/26/2000 03:55 PM
444 >>>>try and get it back cheaper. Can do it without trying now... TLindt-04/25/2000 05:52 PM
443 >>>Already up 2 bucks on Sun. Taking off some one week 20% stuff hereTLindt-04/19/2000 02:21 PM
442 Do you like talking to yourself over here <g>. So, did you go for the 2.Tom Klempay-04/14/2000 12:48 PM
441 Even on the day...what a waste. Can't we get some cheaper? I seen somebodTLindt-04/13/2000 10:39 PM
440 (BSNS WIRE) Datawatch Enters XML Arena With Powerful Legacy Conversion Tech TLindt-04/12/2000 12:38 PM
439 The news suggests that the market's apparent conclusions of DWCH's demiMike 2.0-11/04/1998 01:37 PM
438 Mike, do you have an opinion on today's news and the volume and hitting 1.5Harold-11/04/1998 01:05 PM
437 At 1.25 this is a steal------ I bet there are many watching to see what tax losEd Hoftell-11/04/1998 07:08 AM
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