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Underexposed TA of Theralase Tech. [TSXV:TLT] [OTCQ:TLTFF]
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This is mainly charting of Theralase Technologies [TSXV:TLT] as well as [OTCQ:TLTFF].

This is a description of the company

Theralase Technologies Inc designs, develops, manufactures, markets patented and proprietary super-pulsed laser technology for the healing of chronic knee pain and also develops patented and patent pending drugs, called Photo Dynamic Compounds
These Photo Dynamic compounds are laser light activated and used in the fighting of cancer. They are currently conducting a Phase 1b test on fighting Bladder cancer.

I have started up this thread because I have been banned from the other thread on TLT.V in this section. As a result for his/her ban I will be banning that individual from contributing to this thread. His/her ban is trivial and odd since days later I was complimented for the post that I was banned for by that individual... which makes no sense to me at all.

Full disclosure: I am an investor in this product. I have been invested for over a year. This stock has had its ups and downs and is the subject of many many rumours and silly advice IMHO.

If you want the latest rumours on the subject of Theralase Technologies go to the following websites and knock yourself out:

For Canadian rumour

For American rumour

This thread that I have created is simply to update interested investors on the charting of the TLT.V and TLTFF stocks.

I don't want to hear about the latest (usually false) rumours about what Theralase Technologies should or should not do. I have listened to this garbage for over a year now. I have also missed taking decent profits listening to this drivel of hope.

If you wish to wallow in rumour go to those sites I posted above however leave it out of this thread.

What I will do is give my form of technical analysis on this stock. I will post both the Canadian listing TLT.V and the American listing TLTFF charts.

It is interesting to me to see both charts and compare them. They should track eachother. Sometimes they don't. When they don't do so at a particular time then eventually they should resume tracking eachother and may provide clues that following a single listing may not give.

I have faith that this stock will eventually be a winner.... but what was supposed to be a slam dunk a year ago , has been found that animal trials don't necessarily translate completely to Humans... but to me I think what has been demonstrated by the Phase 1b trials is encouraging.
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