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Welcome to the 2018 Biotech Stock Picking Charity Contest.

Here are the 2018 Contest Guidelines:

1) Each contestant starts with a virtual $100,000 cash to be allocated to a portfolio of biotech stocks. Initial portfolio stock prices for the 2018 Contest will be set at their closing price on Friday, December 29, 2017. The Contest submission deadline is Monday, 1/1/2018, Midnight, PST. The Contest’s end date is Monday, December 31, 2018, 4PM EST. Contestants are pledged to donate to the charity selected by the contestant with the year’s best-performing portfolio.

2) Only biotech stocks are eligible to be included in Contest portfolios.
Traditionally, we've defined "biotech" very broadly. However, if one or more contestants strongly object to a particular stock being categorized as a biotech, I’ll use my judgment to determine whether that stock is eligible for the Contest.

3) Foreign and low-priced biotech stocks are considered eligible. For foreign stocks, I will generally use prices from the exchange where that stock is most actively traded, with prices converted to dollars based on the appropriate prevailing exchange rate.
Traditionally, Contest portfolios overloaded with penny or illiquid stocks are frowned upon. In such cases, I may ask the contestant to change her/his portfolio composition. In addition, if one or more contestants strongly object to a penny or foreign stock pick due to it being illiquid, I’ll use my judgment to determine whether that stock is eligible for the Contest.

4) Each portfolio should include a minimum of 8 stocks and a maximum of 10 stocks.

5) Each portfolio stock’s allocation is limited to a maximum of 20% and a minimum of 5%.

6) I use the Yahoo Finance symbols to download quotes. So if Yahoo uses a suffix in a stock symbol, please include it when posting your picks. To make it easier for me to set up my spreadsheet, here are two examples of the best way to post your picks:
FGEN 10%
As indicated above, all I need is the symbol (in UPPERCASE) and %age of $100,000 you wish to invest. Please leave a few spaces between the symbol and %age. It also helps if you alphabetize your stock picks.

7) Contest portfolios may be posted on this thread or in a Silicon Investor PM to me.
Portfolios posted to me by PM will not be made public until the Contest submission deadline has passed.

8) Stock picks may be rejected if it appears a contestant violated the Biotechie Code of Honor by taking unfair advantage of market-moving news (e.g., news following the 12/29/17 market close but prior to the 1/1/18 submission deadline). Contestants may appeal any such rejection.

9) No trading is allowed during the Contest year, with the initial portfolio being held until the Contest end date: Monday, December 31, 2018, 4PM EST.

10) In the case of buyouts for cash the proceeds will be reallocated to the remaining portfolio stocks. The initial portfolio percentage allocations to those stocks will be used to determine the reallocation percentages.

11) A contestant's pledge amount and designated charity may be posted along with the initial portfolio, or at a later date. Pledge amounts should be donated to the charity selected by the Contest winner.
In past Contests, some contestants have also donated to a charity of my choice. But such donation is entirely optional.

12) Contestants objecting to decisions I make (e.g., rejection of a stock pick) may appeal my decision to the other contestants. I will change my decision if the majority of contestants who indicate their opinion on the appeal support it.

I generally post weekly Contest updates. For prospective new contestants who’d like to check out the 2017 Contest board, here’s the link:
Subject 59795

The Biotech Charity Contest boards prior to 2017 are also available at Silicon Investor by searching for:
[year] Biotech Charity

Best wishes for a Healthy & Prosperous 2018 Biotechies!
Peace & good health,
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1211/12/2018 Contest update What a bunch of “shithole” portfolios we have in theBulbaMan1last Friday
120Look forward to it. ... and this would have been one of my 20% bankers for thisnigel bates-January 8
1191/5/2018 Contest update Thankfully, for the first trading week of the year, “BulbaMan-January 5
118 Many thanks, Ken! Hope you’re back in the Contest next year. Peace & good hBulbaMan-January 4
117Following the lead of Jim and Nigel, I’ll make same pledge and lurk. Good luck Sidney Street-January 4
116 Greatly appreciated, Nigel! Hope to see you back in the Contest next year. All BulbaMan-January 3
115I'm in the same position as IJ, having been away over the new year period, anigel bates1January 3
114The Table below lists all 230 stock picks in the 2018 Biotech Contest portfoliosBulbaMan1January 3
113The Table below lists all 230 stock picks in the 2018 Biotech Contest portfoliosBulbaMan2January 3
112The Table below lists all 62 portfolios in the 2018 Contest (I miscounted earlieBulbaMan2January 2
111My memory of the old rules is faulty. Bulba PMed me, and I sent him three more ntnsaf-January 2
110 Donations much appreciated, IJ! Sorry you didn’t submit a portfolio. I always tBulbaMan1January 2
109No contest entry for me. I'm not up to the pro's in this contest, I'IRWIN JAMES FRANKEL-January 2
108 Welcome to the 2018 Contest, marketHeda! Good luck & Happy New Year! Peace BulbaMan-January 2
107Our Biotech Stockpicking Charity Contest broke the record for 2018! By last nigBulbaMan6January 2
106GLPG - 20% DCPH - 10% VKTX - 10% CRSP - 10% LPTX - 10% APLS - 10% TGTX - 10% DNmarketHeda-January 2
1054) Each portfolio should include a minimum of 8 stocks and a maximum of 10 stockrkrw-January 2
104My picks at 20% each: APLS AXGN DBVT FGEN VKTXtnsaf-January 2
103 Welcome back, BioAddict! By PHM.ES, I assume you mean Pharma Mar? I’ll track itBulbaMan-January 1
102Here are my picks for 2018 10% each. CASC CORI CRSP FENC ITEK NLNK QTRX SBBP rkrw-January 1
101My 2018 picks: ARQL 12% DCPH 15% FCSC BioAddict-January 1
100Thanks for doing this. Love seeing everyone's picks! I'll pledge $200 Seoul_Life_Adam-January 1
99Thanks again Bulba.Robohogs-January 1
98 Below is my own 2018 portfolio. It’s mostly a bunch of last year’s low-priceBulbaMan1January 1
97 Much appreciated, Andre. I revised your portfolio by adding XENE at 5% and reduBulbaMan-January 1
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