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I have been on this website for about 10 months now. Many here may be aware that I am Canadian and that I have a different brand of Technical Analysis.

I have had a reasonably successful thread on this section called Underexposed Technical Analysis. I started that thread with the objective of teaching my brand of TA. However, after a while I realized that, why should someone learn a form of Technical Analysis that in their eyes is unproven and not seen before.

So I decided to create a FANTASY portfolio of American Stocks in which decisions are announced before hand and if the stock price drifted through my announcement then I would assume my order was filled. For example, if I said I would buy 100 shares of stock ABC @ $10.00/share and time stamped that order. If the share price afterward when from $10.25 to $9.90 then I would assume my order would have been executed. I try to keep the transactions as accurate as possible but spending monopoly money... not real money.

I chose to make the portfolio there a USA stock portfolio since most people on this site are interested in American stocks. Over 8 months the portfolio would have made 11% as of mid December/2017. Since the average return for a long term investor is between 7% - 15%... so I am on track to beat that average.

But I am personally interested in Canadian stocks for the most part. The Canadian marketplace is VERY different from the American market... I will discuss that at length in future posts. I shall give myself $100,000.00 of Monopoly money and see what I can do with it.

I am certain that this will improve my own real portfolios... One tends to get into a rut when it comes to trading, I find. I want to get out of that Canadian rut that I carved for myself. My success with the USA portfolio comes from the fact that I have spent more time on that portfolio than on my real portfolios. I expect that the creation / maintenance of this Canadian FANTASY portfolio will help me in my real portfolios.

I encourage participation in this thread... but I will stay on message and will discourage discussion on non-topic issues. Co-operation and civility is the byword here. I look forward to an interesting thread.

If you are new to my style of TA you should probably look at my Fantasy Portfolio of American stocks located at this link

Underexposed analysis of American stocks

This link takes you to an 8 month operation of a US Fantasy portfolio which shows a 16% gain (as of Dec/17). This is not a day trader site and neither is this one... this is for the long term trader.

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