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This is a thread covering the currently looming ( 11/14/2016 ) Trump presidency. At the moment, it's open to all, but it will be moderated. Attacks on other posters will draw bans. Attacks on Trump or anti-Trump third parties will not. I want to document the Trump presidency from before it starts until it's end.

If you DO want to call people names and attack them, please go private or to this un-moderated thread where you can do everything but break SI rules:

Subject 473

If any criticism of Trump bothers you, there are two Trump cult worship threads where you'll never hear a discouraging word, at least, not for long!

Subject 59620

Subject 59602

If you don't like Trump, but don't like liberals, progressives or (D)'s either, try this thread:

Subject 59693

Daily Events in Trumpistan chronicled:

( The current face of America to the world! )

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” H.L. Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe
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73941Based on past events, they didn't even need to find actual proof. Just thingcombjelly-2 minutes ago
73940Of course!! It may not have happened exactly like it was promoted before, in evecombjelly-7 minutes ago
73939When demand for the product is dropping, tax cuts aren’t going to help. If thi-node-9 minutes ago
73938Yeah. And just look at the massive rallies they held, with over displays of naticombjelly-12 minutes ago
73937>>And you seem to think that as long as Republicans are running for officei-node-14 minutes ago
73936Did I say anything about political reasons? Yeah. Actually you have. As has Trucombjelly-20 minutes ago
73935Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate- LOL, 1000X WORSFUBHO-48 minutes ago
73934VIDEO: John Kerry’s Peace Partner Iranian FM Javad Zarif Caught on Video ChantinFUBHO-an hour ago
73933Poll: Despite Conspiracy Media’s Best Efforts – 59% of Americans Know Mueller PrFUBHO-an hour ago
7393105/27/2018, 10:30am Harley-Davidson workers say plant closure after tax cMannie-an hour ago
73930I have been reading his posts for over 20 years. I could write his posts but I probert a belfer-2 hours ago
73929Conservatives on SI hate Democrats. They don't defend their party. It'zzpat-2 hours ago
73928RE:Do you have a source? An exact quote? LOL. Are you kidding or what? That FUBHO-2 hours ago
73927This President* Doesn’t Get to Say These Disgusting Things in Our Name Trump&bentway-3 hours ago
73926I think (R)'s should consider it some sort of deep state trick and not do itbentway-3 hours ago
73925Perhaps Robert is a big Milo fanboy? Seems like the guy has sort of disappearedbentway-3 hours ago
73924The fertility rate collapsed during the Great Depression so fewer babies mean fezzpat-3 hours ago
73923You do a pretty good koan imitation.Wharf Rat13 hours ago
73922F.B.I.’s Urgent Request: So now it's trust the deep state?Wharf Rat-3 hours ago
73921Who is this man? He supported raping children. Berkely students rose up against zzpat-3 hours ago
73920And FDR came to the people aid making 8 million jobs the first 6 months and theyzzpat-3 hours ago
73919Apparently you can't read. I didn't say the Depression wasn't horribrobert a belfer-3 hours ago
73918[facebook video]bentway-3 hours ago
73917F.B.I.’s Urgent Request: Reboot Your Router to Stop Russia-Linked Malware By Lobentway-3 hours ago
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