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just a few things that interest me.
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101yes, getting government out IS the only real solution. but it's entrenched sgrusumlast Saturday
100I continue to believe that exports are a cost, imports a benefit. There are a loJoe Btfsplklast Friday
99by Doug Casey today ------- Justin: Donald Trump just slapped a 25% tax on stegrusumlast Friday
98 The secret history of tariffs By Michael Barone March 9, 2018 | 8:25pm RgrusumMarch 10
97written by Erick Sherman --------- 3 More Ways You May Not Realize That TarifgrusumMarch 10
96 Tariffs Will Hurt Trade by John Cochrane In a remarkable achievement, PresidgrusumMarch 6
95 Trump's Terrible Tariff Tragedy by David Bahnsen The second half of last grusumMarch 6
94what 'debtor nation' really means. written in 1985 heritage.orggrusumFebruary 18
93i have noticed that quite without intention, i have stopped watching the news ongrusumFebruary 15
92 the effect of the trump tariff on solar panels.. ========= American companiesgrusumJanuary 28
91yes, perpetual trade deficits can work very well.. murphy doesn't have enouggrusumJanuary 26
90another article on trade deficits. obviously trump's new tariffs are worryingrusumJanuary 26
89 a less rigorous but still good article against falling for the trade deficit hygrusumJanuary 26
88 more about trade deficits.. ======= In 2016, the US exported goods and servigrusumJanuary 26
87Debunking the Myth of Socialist "Success" in Sandinavia: Supporters grusumJanuary 15
86 By Thomas Hazlett June 29, 2017 Ten years ago this week the Apple iPhone, degrusum12/2/2017
85Everything You Need To Know About Why Net Neutrality Is A Terrible Idea[graphic]grusum12/2/2017
84 here's a long post on 'net neutrality', and why trump is right to ogrusum12/2/2017
83the unsafe deposit boxes more 'bail-ins' imminent... ===== In 2013, tgrusum8/14/2017
82counter protesting should be made illegal. counter protesting is anti free speecgrusum8/13/2017
81it's wonderful life... in truth mr. potter was the good guy and george bailgrusum8/9/2017
80again with the trade deficits... OR "our friend the trade deficit" =grusum8/4/2017
79Doug Casey interview i just received in an email. ==== Nick Giambruno: The degrusum5/6/2017
78Bill Bonner on truth and myths.. What you see in the media is mostly “fake newsgrusum4/16/2017
77 money is the most stable yardstick of value, not dollars. the calculations hegrusum1/30/2017
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