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Debate and intelligent truthful discussion of the merits and concerns of the proven all natural synthetic grade graphite Albany property owned by ZEN is encouraged. Other companies with graphite claims can be discussed.

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11575One post after another. It's like a geek tennis match. I wonder if they thinBIGONION31 minutes ago
11574Those two poor fellows spent their entire weekend worried about other stuff whilClyde Spaulding3 hours ago
11573The Hoov/Doughnut board is like a private conversation between two crazies at thBIGONIONlast Saturday
11572 This is a statement from Crazy Larry. "Corky, because you are so knowledgReflectionlast Friday
11571 From: NuclearCrystals 2/16/2018 2:30:33 PM of 21337 "RSCorky seems aReflectionlast Friday
11570Corky, that post made me cry!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!!!!!!!!!1Reflectionlast Friday
11569Luvin, that looks like a photo of Bert's legal team. lmaoReflectionlast Friday
11568At which point NC curled up in the fetal position and started babbling and wimpeRSCorkylast Friday
11567It seems mr non fact checker wants me to respond to his personal message but he Clyde Spauldinglast Friday
11566NuclearCrystals has descended into talking to himself. He's not even replyinRSCorkylast Friday
11565Reflection, I understand a mole penetrated the CCB AGM and took this picture. ApLuvin_Itlast Friday
11564The photo below shows the Grenville town council's reaction to Bert's laReflectionlast Friday
11563Clyde, consider yourself lucky. I've been getting love letters from Crazy LaReflectionlast Friday
11562Happy friday everyone:)I see some posters here stomp their feet up and down and Clyde Spauldinglast Friday
11561I dunno, just speak to a CCB shareholder, they are the poster children From:Luvin_Itlast Thursday
11560 Discovered a new web site. Its called Visual Dictionary. If you enter a word orReflectionlast Thursday
11559Anyone else getting private love letters from Crazy Larry? I think CL should getReflectionlast Thursday
11558Nuclear Crystals, if you think Aubrey Is headed for jail you must also think thaLuvin_Itlast Wednesday
11557 Almost forgot to say Hi to Crazy Larry, Chief and his best pal Bert. Hi you guyReflectionlast Wednesday
11556Have you ever considered how much Bruce is entwined with the bashing group. JBIGONIONlast Wednesday
11555 Luvin, I think Francis is driving all the Marble Heads around the bend. Just goReflectionlast Wednesday
11554I love the fact that FRANCIS is still driving Bruce freaking crazy with the otheLuvin_ItFebruary 12
11553 Hoov believes he is smart. Chief believes he is smarter than Hoov. Duncan took ReflectionFebruary 12
11552Hey be nice to mister hoov. He says he's smart. LolClyde SpauldingFebruary 12
11551Failure? What failure? CCB is a tremendous success story. Chief got out at aboveReflectionFebruary 12
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