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Because there is no free speech on any board regarding ZENyatta here is one for you.
Because there is no free speech on any board regarding CCB here is one for you.
Because Zennanites continue to bring up other companies such as EVG, freedom to speak about them will not be denied.

Ask a question, when answered to the best of a persons ability. You must answer a question, if you
refuse to, you will be banned.
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18590Lol ......... if you say so Threshold.NuclearCrystals-3 hours ago
18589the posts went nowhere just like the bobgreenfield posts on SH. they are in the Threshold-3 hours ago
18588Onion, the only person spooked about that image is you. Also, I never had any poNuclearCrystals-3 hours ago
18587Nuclear Crystals has vacated the board. He also had all his posts deleted from lBIGONION-3 hours ago
18586Please say hi to Hoov for me Fatchecker. I was thinking about him today, and hiCantwaitforPEA-6 hours ago
18585It's only ugly if you don't sell the stock. If you buy and lCantwaitforPEA-6 hours ago
18584Sorry, I'm not on here day and night, like you. I didn't see that post oCantwaitforPEA-6 hours ago
18583Jiggy - It really is quite sad. CantwaitforPEA is not alone. There appears to Fact Czecher-6 hours ago
18582Ugly Chart ... Nothing positive [graphic]jiggydo-6 hours ago
18581Message #18582 from jiggydo at 8/22/2017 7:38:35 PM Try not to be be so stupidmahon-6 hours ago
18580 Try not to be be so stupid , CantwaitforPFS I posted , I bought CCB on the lajiggydo-7 hours ago
18579Clearly, you DON'T get it. Large Dark Roast PleaseCantwaitforPEA-7 hours ago
18578Loser, you posted this yesterday, "I loaded on the last pull, up now 80 %, CantwaitforPEA-7 hours ago
18577I get it, you love to play stocks in a downtrend, shorter eh. Your fellow Zen hjiggydo-7 hours ago
18576I do buy...and sell, and buy, and sell...get it? Large Black Dark Roast PleaseCantwaitforPEA-7 hours ago
18575Never said I owned Zen , check that loser. Did about 1 year ago, posted .I did jiggydo-8 hours ago
18574What ever you say loser. Shortly you can add a new handle ... "Cantwaitforjiggydo-8 hours ago
18573No, Jiggalo said he bought ZEN...look it up. Say Hi to Hoov for me too...CantwaitforPEA-8 hours ago
18572Reflection - FYI On Jul 27 ZEN closed at $1.10 and has closed lower than that eFact Czecher-9 hours ago
18571Chief has never told me to buy ccb shares . Chief did tell me and others to seljiggydo-9 hours ago
18570Be careful, very careful that you do not get your azz burnt more with your Zen sjiggydo-9 hours ago
18569Jiggy, nix the Donut Department. Chief has put you in charge of buying up CCB shReflection-yesterday
18568The guys here are enjoying your frustration, should join us here for the laughs jiggydo-yesterday
18567Check the toaster Jiggy! Trying to post on SI and at the same time do toast is tReflection-yesterday
18566Your azz must be burning after today's dump. Told you losers watch for the gjiggydo-yesterday
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