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From Wikipedia:

Bitcoin (sign: BTC) is a decentralized [6] digital currency [7] [8] based on an open-source, [9] peer-to-peer Internet protocol. It was introduced in 2009 by a pseudonymous developer (or developers) Satoshi Nakamoto. [10] Since 2011 Bitcoin has been criticized as not being a functional currencydue to its experimental nature, volatile markets, [11] and allegedly limited use in trade. [12] [13]

Bitcoins can be transferred through a computer or smartphone locally or internationally without an intermediate financial institution. [14] Each bitcoin is subdivided into 100 million smaller units called satoshis, defined by eight decimal places. [4]

Bitcoin has no central organization and is not managed by any government or central authority. Instead, it relies on an Internet-based peer-to-peernetwork. The creation of new bitcoins is automated and given to servers or "bitcoin miners" that confirm bitcoin transactions as they add them to a decentralized and archived transaction log approximately every 10 minutes.

The transaction log is authenticated by end-users through hashed ECDSA digital signatures (similar to a username and password) and added to through calculations of varying difficulty, performed by dedicated servers called bitcoin miners. Each 10-minute portion or "block" of the transaction log has an assigned amount of bitcoins that is awarded to miners (who can then sell them at their discretion) once it is added to the log and confirmed by other miners. The amount of bitcoins per addition depends on how long the network has been running and how much in transaction fees has been paid. Currently, 25 new bitcoins are generated with every 10-minute block. This will be halved to 12.5 BTC during the year 2017 and halved continuously every 4 years after until a hard limit of 21 million bitcoins is reached during the year 2140. [1] [10]

Bitcoin is the most widely used alternative currency [3] [15] and accepted by various merchants and services internationally.
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400Here's the market at 8:12 EST.. Only 818 contracts? Price up 3% for Jan 18. SGJ-Sunday
399Yeah, my guess is futures trading pushed Bitcoin up a lot higher, and then, afteElroy1Sunday
398About 3 more hours to go. Then,bitcoin futures start trading. I have the popcpoccidenarri1Sunday
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394 $ETH pushing 485 resist again on Bittrex, higher on other exchs...trying for Savant1last Saturday
393 That's what's called immediate vs delayed gratification....both have thSavant1last Saturday
392As of Thursday's bitcoin price, that amounts to $180 million dollars he paidStock Puppy-last Saturday
391Back in 2010, Florida programmer Laszlo Hanyecz talked someone into accepting thzax2last Friday
390Futures look ready to go Monday. I've got the symbol loaded in TradeStation.Ron-last Friday
389OT again...Good point, but how about all the >?money?, energy and computer poSavant1last Friday
388Off Topic (a bit) All this energy and computer power in order to do calculationStock Puppy1last Friday
387 A cheaper way to 'mine' Bitcoin or other alts>>> motherboard.Savant-last Friday
386 Nevertheless....It can, has been, and is being shorted....and yes, they're Savant1last Friday
385[tweet]Glenn Petersen2last Friday
384The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Market bloomberg.comGoose94-last Friday
383 EXchanges still widely separated, can't look at just one...I'm seeing Savant-last Friday
382 I recall that crash also, a lot of brokers sold their clients out at the bottomSavant-last Thursday
381Bitcoin gamble: Canadian couple pours life savings into bitcoin mine cbc.caSultan-last Thursday
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