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Please post your stories and thoughts related to space/space exploration.

No off topic posts about UFOs or philosophy.
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1744When neutron stars collide.. blogs.discovermagazine.commiraje12 hours ago
174318th successful landing just now. [youtube video]FUBHO1last Wednesday
1742I'm still a little miffed that Pluto was demoted as a planet. [graphic] xkcdTimF-last Wednesday
1741 SpaceX is targeting launch of EchoStar 105/SES-11 from Launch Complex 39A (LC-3FUBHO2last Wednesday
1740 Half the universe’s missing matter has just been finally found newscientistFUBHO1last Tuesday
1739Nasa wants to alter the DNA of Mars astronauts protect them from cancerouFUBHO-October 9
1738Watch SpaceX launch its first of two Falcon 9 rockets this week [youtube video]Vendit™1October 9
1737I was going to ask if you know why they took the liftoff video down but it looksVendit™-October 8
1736 [graphic] Live coverage: Atlas 5 countdown and launch journal October 2, 2017 FUBHO1October 6
1735 [graphic] Previously-flown Falcon 9 booster test-fired for weekend launch OctobFUBHO-October 3
1734"60 Minutes" tonight (on CBS), 2nd segment is on the Hubble and James Sr K-October 1
1733 BFR | Earth to Earth [youtube video]FUBHO1September 29
1732 [graphic] Elon Musk revises Mars plan, hopes for boots on ground in 2024 SepteFUBHO1September 29
1731Puerto Rico's Arecibo Radio Telescope Suffers Hurricane Damage TimF-September 29
1730 LIGO and Virgo observatories jointly detect black hole collision Discovery laFUBHO1September 27
1729NASA and Russia reveal plan to build SPACE STATION orbiting the MOON Moscow anVendit™1September 27
1728Here is a list of their missions, the missing numbers are more likely configuratJ.B.C.1September 26
1727It looks like they jump the mission numbers around. List of NORL Missions ReiVendit™1September 26
1726Anybody know why the NROL mission numbers jump from 42 last week to early OctobeFUBHO-September 26
1725Atlas V NROL-42 Live Launch Broadcast [youtube video] (Launch webcast begins at FUBHO2September 23
1724Live coverage: Atlas 5 countdown and launch journal (Launch webcast begins at 1FUBHO1September 21
1723The Future of Space Telescopes [youtube video] youtube.comTimF2September 20
1722Good thoughts, but I feel if we started to work on that technology we could overByGoneYrs-September 20
1721We may have the rocket technology to get people to Mars soon, but we need technoFUBHO-September 20
1720Hello everyone,' Mars Home Planet Has anyone seen this? REINVENT LIFE ONByGoneYrs-September 20
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