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The Politics for Conservatives thread is a community of Conservatives. The thread exist to exchange and discuss conservative ideas/practices. This thread does not exist for liberals to come in solely for the purpose of trying to stir the pot. Polite debate may be tolerated for a period, but as you and I both are aware, there is little success in trying to change the other side's mind. Bans aren't automatic though as on some threads.

I ask that post be civil to the posters, attacks from regular members to other members will be met with temporary bans. If you wish to practice ad hominem attacks, there are plenty of threads on SI for that. This isn't one of them.

The Flight 93 Election

Understanding Trumpism:

Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself

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104474This was not enough to get Occupy Wall Street kicked off Twitter. [graphic]DMaA-6 hours ago
104473Trump has the opportunity Wed to fly in and be the big hero after a mini- disastDMaA1yesterday
104472NYT: READY! SHOOT! AIM! Correction: June 16, 2018 An earlier version of thisDMaA3yesterday
104471[tweet]Tom Clarke1yesterday
104470After a while, the feed stopped and then went through five feeds before I found Bill-yesterday
104469 I lost the feed a bit ago and didn't catch it all. Of course I missed a loD. Long-yesterday
104468Lindsay Graham, of all people, just cut through the BS and proved Hillary's Bill8yesterday
104467What I did hear was that every gman will be flown in for a special training sessalanrs1yesterday
104466 I tried but I can't listen to those ass wipes. ARSalanrs1yesterday
104465Grassley's comments about that were funny! He has a very droll sense of humoTom Clarke1yesterday
104464Comey pleads the Fifth and refuses to show up, again.D. Long-yesterday
104463Senate Judiciary Hearing: IG Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Chris Wray – 2:00Tom Clarke-yesterday
104462Oh boy....this is going to end well. NOT!SteveinTX-yesterday
104461The thrill and the ecstasy: the mysteries of the Dionysian cult in ancient Rome Tom Clarke1yesterday
104460Here's a good word - dithramb. Having produced not one iota of discovery inDMaA3yesterday
104459Innovative solution to black crime. Keep 'em stoned. In an effort to combaDMaA-yesterday
104458Could be THE sleeper issue this fall.DMaA-Sunday
104457Yes.D. Long-Sunday
104456Does it seem to anyone else that the cost of groceries have been skyrocketing laDMaA-Sunday
104455Dems Hammer GOP 21-5 at Congressional Baseball Game Yea, because with every craDMaA1last Saturday
104453Big Media discovers the Bible. At least some cherry picked verses. MSNBC'sDMaA-last Friday
104452The Trump rally is moving to a bigger arena. Trump rally switches arenas The vDMaA4last Friday
104451I bet the "diverse ones" aren't allowed to disrupt those classes.DMaA-last Friday
104450I'd want to know what is the snack. $34k/ year snack, it better be good! Stock Puppy-last Friday
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