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This was formerly a non-moderated thread for Applied Materials.

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70976>>> I'm unaware of the pork she's brought in <<< TalJerome-02/08/2006 07:41 PM
70975Please be specific I have no idea where she has come out, since I have not beenFiloF-10/07/2005 12:17 AM
70974As a New Yorker, it is so surprising how many republican leaders have found her Fred Levine-10/06/2005 11:41 PM
70973Its funny that you bring this issue up, since I was just thinking about it in thFiloF-10/06/2005 09:05 PM
70972Back to politics--I am furious at Senator Stevens of Alaska for being the biggesFred Levine-10/06/2005 12:21 PM
70971I believe the "telecom/internet sector, including their equip suppliers&quoSam Citron-04/27/2005 02:46 PM  Frat Boys Pink Minion-08/15/2004 01:16 PM
70969Bush's side is that he was busy playing golf. Sun Tzu-08/09/2004 12:41 PM
70968I've read some of the 9/11 report. After Bush was given the Aug 6 imminent Fred Levine-08/09/2004 12:25 PM
70967>> As one who took the position that people who commit crimes against humaPink Minion-05/14/2004 12:39 PM
70966Geeze, I finally get this "thread" moved to: "Politics/GovernmePink Minion-05/13/2004 02:58 PM
70965I hope I didn't "Hurt" your fa-eelings Fraed. You "Know ThysPink Minion-05/11/2004 02:06 AM
70964thanks dad, can I drive the buik tonight?-g- marginmike-05/06/2004 05:00 PM
70963Here we have another fine example of what happens when politics are allowed to gSI Dave205/06/2004 05:47 AM
70962Sorry, It's called thinking like an Relational Database. What's the RolPink Minion-05/05/2004 05:49 PM
70961As one who took the position that people who commit crimes against humanity shouFred Levine-05/05/2004 05:01 PM
70960my informal semi-annual synopsis of AMAT INTRODUCTION My semi-annual stock synotktrimbath-12/31/2003 06:06 PM
70959It just shows how moronic they are... Perhaps sensitive to our needs? :-) Lazarus_Long-11/15/2003 08:57 PM
70958CNBC says AMAT posted earnings of $0.06 vs. expectations of $0.05. Math Junkie-11/12/2003 04:14 PM
70957I guess the only way to fight it is with equally hard and strong belief systems,average joe-11/08/2003 10:43 PM
70956Yes. You can check every sect or tribe from here to Timmy-Boo, and you will finSolon-11/06/2003 09:32 PM
70955Funniest thing, that. Is it strange that the Gods want what we want? Lazarus_Long-11/06/2003 09:25 PM
70954Apparently the Gods approve of whatever the people approve of--exterminate the mSolon-11/06/2003 09:21 PM
70953Will they? Does Allah approve of this? Lazarus_Long-11/06/2003 09:05 PM
70952LOL!!! AInt't that the truth! "500 channels and nothing to watch."Lazarus_Long-11/06/2003 08:58 PM
70951I'm talking a while back. Now I get dozens of channels. When we had one cSolon-11/06/2003 08:37 PM
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