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This thread is for fans of Apple, Inc. and their products. Posts should be positive items about anything relating to Apple.

Post here if you are a true Apple fanatic. If you are simply a satisfied user of Apple products, that is also OK.

Political discussions of any kind will not be tolerated, and will result in very long suspensions or an Infinite Ban*, as the moderator sees fit.

Trolls will also be dealt with quite harshly and with extreme prejudice. There will be no mercy for them here. Long suspensions and Infinite Bans will be meted out as necessary, at the discretion of the moderator.

Prior posting habits will be taken into consideration. Those with a long history of anti-Apple sentiment, like sylvester80 and zax, will be banned on sight here, regardless of what they post.

*An Infinite Ban lasts beyond your lifetime and that of the moderator. You will never be allowed to post in the thread again. Ever. Even if you're reincarnated, you will not be allowed to post in the thread. Ever. This also applies to all immortals.
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196MacRumors is saying a new AppleTV model code has entered iOS development versionyofal-02/10/2014 04:43 PM
195Steve's comment was to Walter Isaacson, his biographer. Not a public commentSr K-02/10/2014 04:01 PM
194Here's hoping that Steve's "we cracked it" moment wasn't jJ.F. Sebastian-02/09/2014 07:16 PM
193I keep watching them steadily add new content partners to the current AppleTV anyofal-02/06/2014 01:15 PM
192I expect there may also be a TV after all this year, when I learned of the massiJ.F. Sebastian202/06/2014 10:46 AM
191I'm sure there will be something to crow about. What it is, I ain't exacHerbVic-02/05/2014 12:02 AM
190I agree with all of that. It'll probably take a combo of all three of those J.F. Sebastian-02/03/2014 05:26 PM
189Nice to see AAPL held onto a narrow gain today with the rest of the market in frggamer-02/03/2014 04:45 PM
188Nice to see AAPL held onto a narrow gain today with the rest of the market in frJ.F. Sebastian-02/03/2014 04:35 PM
187In iOS 7 when you are charging iPad, the "battery" is blue. I hadn&#Sr K-10/15/2013 10:33 AM
186Lost Aspen Time Tube / Steve Jobs time capsule found…  yofal-09/22/2013 10:08 AM
185Page B1 Friday LAW | Updated May 16, 2013, 9:08 p.m. ET Laurene Powell Jobs GoeSr K-05/17/2013 12:57 AM
184More Retail Investors In Apple Than Ever: TD - minutes ago Road Walker205/06/2013 03:49 PM
183More Retail Investors In Apple Than Ever: TD - minutes ago ggamer305/06/2013 01:05 PM
182That article could more accurately be titled "Keith Richards: I don't oJ.F. Sebastian105/06/2013 12:22 PM
181Not a fanboy nbcSr K-05/01/2013 06:57 PM
180Apple Inc. is number 1.  Sr K302/28/2013 10:14 PM
179Apple's "cheap" phone Make it a "wearable" - small, moyofal-02/20/2013 12:50 PM
178It's nice to finally see some cooperation here, if this proves to be true: J.F. Sebastian-12/08/2012 04:27 AM
177The iPad Mini, Perfect for My Desert Island By NICK BILTON bits.blogs.nytimesRoad Walker212/05/2012 08:13 AM
176 New Steve Jobs film to close out Sundance Festival7:45 AM ET, 12/04/2012 - MarRoad Walker-12/04/2012 08:54 AM
175iPhone 5 doubles Apple's share of US smartphone sales to surpass Android J.F. Sebastian111/27/2012 12:35 PM
174Apple's redesigned iMacs will go on sale this Friday Apple on Tuesday J.F. Sebastian-11/27/2012 12:35 PM
173OS X 10.8.3 beta supports AMD Radeon 7000 drivers, hinting at Apple's new MaJ.F. Sebastian-11/27/2012 12:34 PM
172 Why Apple stores are raking in bags full of cash, and no one can dupe the formJ.F. Sebastian-11/23/2012 08:04 PM
171Analysts cautious ahead of Apple's earnings release - Apple 2.0 - Fortune TeKelly G.110/25/2012 02:27 PM
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