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Well OK here is a thread for anyone (so far mostly me <g>) can feel free to put down thought s ideas feelings or describe places or events. For instance if you've been to a great museum or show and want to share it, feel free (as I am thinking about rejoining the Miami Opera to get 'Season" Tickets.

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So anyone out there feel free to post or feel free (of course) not to post
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757He brings hope and change [graphic] joseffy-03/15/2013 02:40 PM
756The left's hero [graphic] joseffy-03/15/2013 02:39 PM
755The 57 state 'president' [graphic] joseffy-03/15/2013 02:38 PM
754your 'president' [graphic] joseffy-03/15/2013 02:37 PM
753Incidentally I don't consider myself a "Gay Basher" whatever that jrhana911/30/2012 12:28 PM
752Fadia Mosri - Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte (Cover)  jrhana-11/27/2012 04:58 PM
751Well Miami Marlins fans (such as they are) are having coniption fits about the jrhana-11/26/2012 03:12 PM
750Beautiful acoustic guitar Heureka (Jens Hausmann)  jrhana-11/23/2012 02:38 PM
749well there is still room for optimism despite the recent election of a fascist ajrhana-11/15/2012 11:04 AM
748And here is a whole thread on the screw job they did on my man Cain Link: SI Sujrhana-11/14/2012 05:49 PM
747And well in retrospect Romney ran a horrendous campaign. Didn't really pay jrhana-11/14/2012 05:45 PM
746Just found this Link: SI Message 28529701 So I am not the only one who thinks jrhana-11/14/2012 05:41 PM
745Yes that is right I never paid taxes under the Democrats despite 70 plus marginajrhana-11/08/2012 03:56 PM
744Well there goes one more bad call by me. I guess I am a great negative idicator&jrhana-11/08/2012 03:45 PM
743Ring of Fire  Man I graduated from high school in 1967 and jrhana110/23/2012 04:52 PM
742Driving around randomly I have seen dozens and dozens of Romney Ryan signs and ajrhana110/23/2012 04:45 PM
740One of my many big (I mean huge as in monster sized) projects is that I am usingjrhana110/11/2012 01:05 PM
739Ok the llink doesn't work but here is a copy and paste: Quidam Pilgrim is jrhana-10/05/2012 09:55 PM
738Ok here is a detailed description from Facebook:  jrhana-10/05/2012 09:50 PM
737Wow completely different from all the other music- I find it to be a beautiful mjrhana-10/05/2012 09:43 PM
736Quidam Pilgrim - Aquelarre  jrhana-10/05/2012 09:38 PM
735Link: SI Message 28444896 jrhana-10/05/2012 09:57 AM
734Rena Bak & Kostas Georgoudis @ Vitrine Nightclub  jrhana-10/04/2012 09:31 PM
733One Direction- Live While We're Young  posted by a jusjrhana-10/04/2012 09:21 PM
732Slim Harpo - I'm a King Bee jrhana-09/29/2012 07:40 PM
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