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If a disaster hits, are you prepared? Hopefully, society remains intact, but what if it doesn't. Are you ready?

Discuss what you are doing to get ready for when the sh$# hits the fan.

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617One problem I've seen no enduring solution for - is the sale and purchase ounclewest1November 10
616A device for solar cooking off-grid. To skip the unboxing and assembly go to 1Stan3October 10
615SELLING POINT: The Humvee has no electronics for EMP to damage.“There are no elFUBHO4October 9
614Can Earthquakes be predicted (at least within a few days)? Been watching this gHawkmoon-August 7
613They had one as an option on House Hunters International. Needless to say, it waCarolyn-July 20
612A cool little house made from shipping containers in Australia. [youtube video]SI Ron (Soup Nazi)-July 20
611I think if you did that it would startle the bad guy and when you ran away he woSI Ron (Soup Nazi)-July 19
610What luck Same thought. The whole thing was split-second adrenaline fueled actiStan1July 19
609I am not inclined to grab a shotgun by the open end.......good grief. what lucShoot1st-July 19
608Few bad guy expect a forceful advance when they are holding the gun. I think thaStan-July 19
607Gives me the goosebumplies to even think about it.......but you gotta do what yoShoot1st-July 19
606As dangerous as such a close encounter would be, knowing about how to grab the wStan4July 19
605Been there.....done that....taught that. started with a ruger MK semi auto pistShoot1st2July 19
604If you ever had to do this here's what will happen if you grab the barrel ofStan5July 19
603[youtube video]SI Ron (Soup Nazi)2July 17
602We have had them for years here in Canada, the ones I seen years ago were not maSI Ron (Soup Nazi)-June 30
601Ha. I was just about to post that video. It showed up today in my YT rec list. Stan-June 30
600[youtube video]SI Ron (Soup Nazi)6June 30
599Things to be aware of about starting an off-grid homestead [youtube video]Stan3June 23
598 "The 3,450-meter shot" usatoday.comDitchdigger4June 22
597 Guy lives in Arizona. Rainwater Harvesting QA - Cost, is it Illegal, how I treStan6June 18
596I watched the newest video them laying down pipe and filling it in with a backhoSI Ron (Soup Nazi)-June 12
595Their channel has some interesting videos already. That house will be a real proStan-June 12
594I subbed the channel, looks like its going to be very interesting.SI Ron (Soup Nazi)-June 12
593A young off-grid couple get their own saw mill to build a debt-free home. [youStan3June 11
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