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Board established initially to discuss Copper Fox company's Schaft Creek project in the northern British Columbia's Golden Triangle. And will remain a site where that info can be discussed openly. Both the positive & negative as new developments occur.

However that does not mean it is totally a Copper Fox forum. Discussion of other money making venues or strategies is encouraged. Broadening the view may help recover losses sustained over the last few years. If you know of another probable opportunity feel free to post it for discussion. Say why you like it. The board is open to new members.

As many are joining this board, having previously participated on the StockHouse or Agoracom boards, there are differences in how posts and posters are treated here.

There is no censorship function

Nothing written is deleted

This Moderator will not tell you how to think, Even if it disagrees with my point of view

I see the role as simply another contributor who like others would like a free and civil forum

If your going to criticize another's expressed view point, Please offer a legitimate reason for doing so. We can't read your mind.

A level of congeniality would be appreciated, and may be insured by censure on a very selective basis. Personal attacks, badgering or ridicule or any attempt to belittle others do not belong here. There is an ignore function so each person is free to self moderate as they see fit.

I will NOT allow the board to deteriorate with clutter like SH, CUU Via instant use of the BAN button so don't bring it here. This board is be dedicated serious investors.

Hope we get some valuable discussion here which can be a benefit to all. Keeping in mind WE as a group are NOT financial advisors and do not recommend buying or selling. Any securities mentioned are only suggestions of what the poster thinks may have possibilities for a gain.
You are responsible to do your own DD before investing in any suggestions made on this forum. The choice to invest or sell is solely your own responsibility. What is said here by anyone is their opinion unless declared as fact.

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10441Thanks for your opinion on this At least it shows some "faith" in thxwolf1last Tuesday
10440Copper Fox Metals Inc. (CUU) has the following new filing(s) recently: MACKAY-Dxwolf1last Tuesday
10439In case any of you own NDM (I almost bought a few months ago but ultimately decidsikorsk1last Tuesday
10438It is neither Bullish or stupid. Cuu's present total assessed book value ilouel1February 11
10437Hi T Ya thanks Lets hope it BULLISH ! Best of luck !sifoto1February 9 copper-best-performing-commodity-2017 fingers crossed !sifoto1February 9
10435yo MG I got that - but the only reason I can think is that he's either madesifoto1February 9
10434He is moving the shares into his TFSA. Louel explained this a few days ago.mudguy-February 8
10433wtf is this about Copper Fox Metals Inc. (CUU) has the following new filing(ssifoto-February 8
10432About 28% of their lumber production is sold into the USA the rest goes abroad. louel1February 6
10431Been watching WEF ever since you first mentioned it Lou; never pulled the triggeTheotokos-February 6
10430He just transferred $11,000 worth of shares held into his TFSA. Legally, it meaTheotokos-February 6
10429WTF Copper Fox Metals Inc. (CUU) has the following new filing(s) recently: MACsifoto-February 6
10428Thanks. Now that we know it works. I have been a subscriber to Telechart anlouel-February 5
10427Works with Google Chrome. Thanks for this Lou. I'll listen to it later wheTheotokos-February 5
10426Not sure if others will be able to access this training Webinar. It is originallouel2February 4
10425I guess CUU is dead money for another year... I feel bad for dsikorsk-February 2
10424Pretty much exactly what mud said. I tend to look for value investing plays sindsikorsk4January 31
10423I don't have a technical system other than looking at the trends and resistamudguy4January 31
10422Hey you use a software to help with buying / selling or do you use a lTap66-January 31
10421Always happy to hear about people making money. IVN has been very good to me tomudguy2January 27
10420Thanks Mudguy for your recommendation of IVN. I bought at 1.90$, whatever I hadTap66-January 27
10419Ha, I may have mentioned FF a while back but never ended up pulling the triggerdsikorsk-January 26
10418If you find your way here Ocean it ain't busy but the few that are here havelouel1January 25
10417Looks like it is off the bottom a bit. With the rally that has been in the colouel-January 25
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