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Board established primarily to discuss issues related to the Copper Fox company and it's Schaft Creek developments in the northern British Columbia region known as the Golden Triangle. And will remain a site where that info can be discussed. Whatever anyone posts, which is relative to Copper Fox, Teck or the industry will stand on its own merit.
However that does not mean we have to ignore all other money making venues. In broadening our view it may help recover losses sustained over the last few years. DD and the mention of other solid looking opportunities is acceptable.

As many are joining this board, having previously participated on the StockHouse or Agoracom boards, there are differences in how posts and posters are treated here

There is no censorship function

Nothing written is deleted

This Moderator will not tell you how to think, Even if it disagrees with my point of view

I see the role as simply another contributor who like others would like a free and civil forum

If your going to criticize another's expressed view point, Please offer a legitimate reason for doing so. We can't read your mind.

A level of congeniality would be appreciated, and may be insured by censure on a very selective basis. Personal attacks, badgering or ridicule of others do not belong here. There is an ignore function so each person is free to self moderate as they see fit.

Hope we get some valuable discussion here which can be a benefit to all. Keeping in mind WE as a group are NOT financial advisors and do not recommend buying or selling. Any securities mentioned are only suggestions of what the poster thinks may have possibilities for a gain. You are responsible to do your own DD before investing in any suggestions made on this forum. The choice to invest or sell is solely your own responsibility. What is said here by anyone is their opinion unless declared as fact.

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10231 Sorry I should have proof read before posting The word should have been "plouel-Sunday
10230 Indicators from my prospective should be used as such "indicators" louel1last Saturday
10229Of the indicators listed here, is there one or a few that you consider most impomahzman2-last Friday
10228KG announced a pp today which pretty much done above market.As it only once closspecboy2012-last Wednesday
10227Although I haven't read their balance sheet, it is not surprising nonethelesdsikorsk1last Wednesday
10226NIF.UN hit hard today, down 25%+. I have been watching it the last several weekHog Head-May 17
10225 NIF.UN Dislorski you were right on. Dividend was not sustainable undelouel-May 17
10224Second time around. At least they are now going to do some upgrading for the fulouel-May 15
10223Thanks I sat on the bid for 17-19 for two weeks and bought a decent chunk.The haspecboy2012-May 13
10222Wow, good call Specboy...Hog Head-May 12
10221Well KG is on the move today with their spring drilling ready to go and of coursspecboy2012-May 12
10220Western forest products. Has been good to me. Brought out of bankruptcy in 09 louel-May 7
10219I was out as soon as price dropped below it's previous days low. I only picklouel-May 6
10218You still in TCM Lou? Looks like Q1 results were pretty dismal again and the shdsikorsk-May 5
10217Your right on target with what is suggested in the change of venue here. Anythlouel1May 5
10216Well that's a great idea.I am throwing a pure gamble here into the wind.For specboy2012-May 4
10215I'd like to throw an idea out there in the spirit of this new board attitudedsikorsk1May 4
10214I am sure there are cases where high dividends are sustained, but they are usualmudguy-May 3
10213I'm glad people are beginning to realize it is OK to share info It is harlouel1May 3
10212Thanks for the PDF link Dsikorsk, will hold me over till I buy a hard copy.Hog Head-May 3
10211Thanks for the feedback Mudguy. Previous quarter dividend was 59 cents as well Hog Head-May 3
10210I have not heard of it but I'm immediately concerned by the dividend. Whilemudguy-May 3
10209Welcome to the CUU Book of the Month Club. LOL. Anyway, thanks all for the info.mahzman2-May 3
10208 FYI there's PDF versions online for free... fxf1.comdsikorsk1May 3
10207Here's a stock I dipped my toe in recently: SunCoke Energy Partners LP (NYSHog Head-May 2
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