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Update on 3/6/15: With confirmation from WMC that Samsung will ship two devices with 14nm FinFET SoCs starting April 10, 2015, it is finely becoming clear how drastically the Foundries have closed the process gap with Intel. An interesting question now for 2015 is when the combination of Samsung/GF and TSMC will surpass Intel in wafer area on FinFET processes on a quarterly basis. My guess is that Q4'15 sees this milestone occur.

Update on 2/26/15: With WMC a few days away, it is widely anticipated that Samsung will debut 14nm SoCs into a very high volume product: The Galaxy S6. With an expected ramp for Apple A9 SoCs in Q2, and likely some additional SoC volume from Qualcomm, it would appear that Samsung will ship more CPUs at 14nm than Intel in 2015. Intel might possibly ship more wafer area at 14nm, but data on that is difficult to obtain. The mobile SoC's are as big or bigger than the lower end higher volume PC CPUs, and so far, Intel's slow ramp of 14nm product has not progressed well for the large die devices.

Update on 8/6/14: Since this board was started, the CPU space has changed considerably, and so has the semi Foundry space. The AMD/Intel competition in x86 processors has been replaced with x86 vs ARM as computing has increasingly shifted to mobile form factors. Intel has made a significant shift to use their leading edge process advantage as a Foundry. The huge volumes in mobile now dominate leading edge wafer production, and competition is fierce to land Apple's orders between TSMC and Samsung. Intel has struggled to launch 14nm, and the Foundries are making a determined effort to close the gap with Intel on process tech. What happens in late 2014 and through 2015 for 14/16nm FinFET processes now looks like the big story in semiconductors in the next year+.

While the x86 CPU contest between AMD & Intel has grown old, exciting things are happening in the CPU and graphics world. The age of APUs in the x86 world has begun, with both AMD and Intel rolling out new families in early 2011. Meanwhile, 2010 saw the explosive launch of tablet PC's, mostly powered by non-x86 designs, and running non-MSFT OSes and software. What will 2011 bring to the CPU/GPU world?

This is a moderated board. All views are welcomed, but please restrict posts to useful content about CPUs, GPUs, the companies involved, or related market conditions. Attacking/baiting other posters, and snark in general will lead to banning.

Additional Comment: The companies working in this space have talented engineers & managers, and while we all may have our views on them, please refrain from endless bashing of them, as it does not contribute much useful to the board.
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13404Even AMD gets a pop, LOL! So did XLNX, when I'd have thought they might go neolib-yesterday
13403Intel in Talks to Buy Altera DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC. 3:39 PM ET 3/27/2015 FUBHO-yesterday <i> Qualcomm, MediaTek shifting some 28nm chip orders away neolib-yesterday
13401A little more on the Intel/Micron 3D NAND:;neolib-yesterday
13400The Intel/Micron 3D NAND announced today uses floating gate, and also has a muchneolib-Thursday
13399Yes, I agree that part was the interesting one. And further, their lagging a &qneolib-Thursday
13398the "faster revenue ramp than 20nm" part was way theybadger3-Thursday
13397The current rumors are along these lines: It will be interestingneolib-Thursday
13396Barron's had a couple interesting take-aways from TSMC at the Credit Suisse badger3-Wednesday
13395A little googling on the subject tells me it is perhaps a much different reason:neolib-Wednesday
13394It didn't work, Miss Intel is getting younger again, back in her 20's...neolib-Wednesday
13393Buy low and sell lower??? It does seem to be flat lining just above $30, I guesneolib-Wednesday
13392.....looks like Intel is furiously buying back shares just to keep it above $30THE WATSONYOUTH-Wednesday
13391I think DigiTimes should have waited until about mid-April before coming out witneolib-Wednesday
13390Well, today might be your entry, as it looks like a nice "leg down" soneolib-Wednesday
13389Ah, as you probably already know the history, (MD took the 6*10^11$, suffered a rzborusa-Tuesday
13388If this doesn't lead to large sales increases for amd, I can see problems wigzubeck-Tuesday
13387Well I guess now we get to really see how amicable the parting of ways was, LOL!neolib-Tuesday
13386Rory Reed becoming COO of Dell is an interesting development. I wonder if he'Pravin Kamdar-Tuesday
13385Just a small amount of googling indicates it is current related. V-NAND has perFUBHO-Monday
13384An interesting table here: gives Q4'14 and Q1'15 semico sneolib-Monday
13383I remain rather skeptical of these Apple rumors. I still think Samsung is signineolib-Monday
13382From the same link: <i> Win Some, Lose Some Even so, Samsung may have grneolib-Monday
13381Yet another twist in the Apple A9 orders, claims swinging more towards TSMC due neolib-Monday
13380But the ratio of 27:1 is huge, why that much difference? Perhaps it is yield reneolib-Monday
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