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Update on 2/26/15: With WMC a few days away, it is widely anticipated that Samsung will debut 14nm SoCs into a very high volume product: The Galaxy S6. With an expected ramp for Apple A9 SoCs in Q2, and likely some additional SoC volume from Qualcomm, it would appear that Samsung will ship more CPUs at 14nm than Intel in 2015. Intel might possibly ship more wafer area at 14nm, but data on that is difficult to obtain. The mobile SoC's are as big or bigger than the lower end higher volume PC CPUs, and so far, Intel's slow ramp of 14nm product has not progressed well for the large die devices.

Update on 8/6/14: Since this board was started, the CPU space has changed considerably, and so has the semi Foundry space. The AMD/Intel competition in x86 processors has been replaced with x86 vs ARM as computing has increasingly shifted to mobile form factors. Intel has made a significant shift to use their leading edge process advantage as a Foundry. The huge volumes in mobile now dominate leading edge wafer production, and competition is fierce to land Apple's orders between TSMC and Samsung. Intel has struggled to launch 14nm, and the Foundries are making a determined effort to close the gap with Intel on process tech. What happens in late 2014 and through 2015 for 14/16nm FinFET processes now looks like the big story in semiconductors in the next year+.

While the x86 CPU contest between AMD & Intel has grown old, exciting things are happening in the CPU and graphics world. The age of APUs in the x86 world has begun, with both AMD and Intel rolling out new families in early 2011. Meanwhile, 2010 saw the explosive launch of tablet PC's, mostly powered by non-x86 designs, and running non-MSFT OSes and software. What will 2011 bring to the CPU/GPU world?

This is a moderated board. All views are welcomed, but please restrict posts to useful content about CPUs, GPUs, the companies involved, or related market conditions. Attacking/baiting other posters, and snark in general will lead to banning.

Additional Comment: The companies working in this space have talented engineers & managers, and while we all may have our views on them, please refrain from endless bashing of them, as it does not contribute much useful to the board.
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13306Perhaps they were inspired by mantle, but they aren't mantle. It would haveneolib-8 minutes ago
13305Given their marketshare % now for APU's it is a bit hard to see them gettingfastpathguru-yesterday
13304Some have speculated that there are negotiations going on between Qualcomm and Sneolib-yesterday
13303yeah..the S6 modem is still a big's odd Samsung didn't answbadger3-yesterday
13302I think you are correct. So we will have to wait for a tear down in another monneolib-yesterday
13301Do we know for sure Samsung integrated a modem on the Exynos 7420?? I thought thbadger3-yesterday
13300Has Intel actually stated when the X5 and X7 Atoms will ship? I can't find neolib-yesterday
13299IMHO, the value of AMD's x86 franchise continues on a downward trajectory, aneolib-yesterday
13298well, Intel is the one trying to shoehorn its way into ultra portable and gettinrzborusa-yesterday
13297The problem is that AMD's pace just can't keep up with the likes of thisneolib-yesterday
13296I don't know if 14 nm would be enough to make bulldozer a winner. All the 2rzborusa-yesterday
13295But this time around it was actually AMD stepping on MSFT's toes in that MSFneolib-Wednesday
13294 The article below from 2003 or about 2003 pretty much says that Microsoft screwrzborusa-Wednesday
13293Yes, mantle (software) was based on HSA (hardware architecture). Mantle and DX1neolib-Wednesday
13292Humm, ..I somewhere along the line assumed HSA and mantle were intertwined. everzborusa-Wednesday
13291Given their marketshare % now for APU's it is a bit hard to see them gettingneolib-Wednesday
13290Mantle bows out to dx12 ... seekingalpha.comrzborusa-Wednesday
13289TSMC's 16nmFF+: global.ofweek.comneolib-Wednesday
13288A SeekingAlpha writer who more or less gets it: seekingalpha.comneolib-Tuesday
13287The Blue Apple continues to develop: theinquirer.netneolib-Tuesday
13286BTW, it is also interesting that although ARM in the A72 announcement specificalneolib-Monday
13285IIRC, when Samsung a month back "announced" the Exynos 7K had "stneolib-Monday
13284?? The leaked benchmarks were slower than the production parts. The S6 will shneolib-Monday
13283Yeah, but what I found funny is Anandtech desperately trying to pump Intel'sneolib-Monday
13282Some thought Win10 would drop ARM support, but I don't know what they were sneolib-Monday
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