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1. VirnetX has a stable of patents, yet to be developed and licensed, in a multi-billion market. 

And, this billion-dollar assessment of VHC's patents did not include the two (#504 & #151) patents recently acquired which solve DNS security issues. 

The 504 and #171 patents alone is worth over $1 billion, and are now both the subject of the recently-filed lawsuit against Cisco, Apple, NEC, and Aastra.

2. VHC is the only company in the world that has ipenetrable security solutions offered through its Gabriel Connection Technology which uses secure domain name services to establish encrypted connections between authenticated hosts.

3. VHC has the solution for DNSSEC. For today's data, Internet and bandwidth requirments, existing DNSSEC is already obsolete and hasn't been widely implemented. It is fraught with problems, which is the reason Congress is pursuing the Cybersecurity Act in the first place. VHC is the only company in the world offering (and owning) the only patented security solution for DNSSEC. VirnetX's Secure Domain Names system is the answer.

VirnetX secure DNS technology offers solutions not offered by DNSSEC in that secure address information is provided only to authorized requesters - thus eliminating cyber attacks since you cannot attack what's not there to find; a secure communications channel (VPN) automatically setup as part of resolution of secure addresses where all protocols are secured; and scalable handling of secure DNS resolution for platforms with dynamic IP addresses. GABREIL will create full automation of all of the DNSSEC key management and signing processes by simply signing onto your computer or dialing a number.

5. VirnetX is boldly claiming ownership of Secure Domain Names/Registry and announcing that the GABRIEL Connection Technology is going into Beta soon. Last Thursday, Kendall Larsen confirmed that GABRIEL will be Beta launched in 4th Qtr, meaning GABRIEL is practically ready to be publically launched.

It's worth noting that neither an analyst nor the media has refuted any of VirnetX's patented claims, broad and as bold as they have been.

6. VirnetX secure VPN patents have been validated and re-validated by a federal court, by a jury, and by the U.S. PTO, which resulted in VHC's first license and $200 million cash licensing payment from Microsoft (MSFT).

7. As a result of its Microsoft victory and $200 million cash receipt, VHC now has the needed framework and foundational validity to aggressively pursue licensing of its patent portfolio on the same model as that successfully pursued by QCOM, which may require continued litigation as we are now seeing in the Cisco, Apple lawsuit. (QCOM too had to file multiple lawsuits before the "world" began to voluntarily license CMDA).

8. VHC has zero debt and $125+ million in cash, with a very low cash burn rate. VHC has no further needs for capital financing. Therefore, there will be no further dilution.

9. VHC has aligned itself with the most successful patent-infringement litigation firm in the United States: McKool Smith.

10. VHC's case against Cisco, Apple, and NEC is pending before the same Court and Judge that presided over the VHC and the i4i cases against MSFT, which resulted in judgments or settlements of almost $500 million against MSFT. 
New Lawsuit involves $8 - $10 Billion in Products/QTR
This lawsuit is far bigger and has greater-reaching implications than the lawsuit filed against Microsoft, that resulted in a lump-sum $200 million cash settlement a few months ago.

This new lawsuit, also filed by McCool Smith before the Eastern District of Texas, against Apple Computer (iPhone), Cisco Systems, NEC, and Aastra involve both domestic and foreign corporations (international) and involve 5 patents. The infringing products involved are comprehensive and involve product sales of $8 - $10 Billion per quarter! The Microsoft lawsuit and jury trial involved only approximately (total) $40 billion in infringing Microsoft products.

VirnetX is going after Apple's iPhone! This is major, this is huge, this is just the beginning.
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