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We all know Apple products are much easier to use than their competitors products. Still, with desktop computers, notebook computers, iPods, iPads, iPhones, apps, iTunes, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and various flavors of Mac OS X and other software, most mortals can get stuck.

This thread is intended as a place where folks can post their questions and the friendly Apple user community can help them out. From simple questions to complex. It is also OK to ask general troubleshooting questions, post news or give tips about Apple products and their usage. Hopefully some experts will SubjectMark this thread and visit occasionally with their advice. Thanks in advance, experts.

For those needing help with PC and Windows products, please check out the excellent Computer Learning thread, moderated by goldworldnet.

When asking for help, please be sure to do a basic search with your favorite search engine first. If you still need help, please include pertinent details about the product(s) as necessary, such as brand, model number(s), things you've already tried, etc. This will greatly assist us in helping you. Thank you.

If you would like to give Apple feedback about their products (usability issues, make suggestions, etc.), here is the place to do that:

To report bugs in Apple products, go here:

If someone in the thread has helped you solve a problem, please consider recommending their post or commenting directly to them. This adds to the goodwill in Apple Product Help and gives people incentive to continue to help you and others.


The basic rule is that all participants must be polite to each other. Try to imagine that you are sitting in a living room with everyone else. Don't say anything you wouldn't say in that situation.

No name calling. Disagree with another person's words all you want, but don't insult the person.

Please use proper punctuation and capitalization in your posts, don't use "text speak." It is OK not to capitalize every letter in words for things like brand or model names, eg., "iphone" will be considered the same as "iPhone" here. Basically, please just show some respect for the English language in this forum. Thank you.

Due to SI policy, political comments are off limits here, unless there is an issue that specifically affects Apple. There are many threads on SI in which to discuss politics, this will not be one of them.

Under no circumstances is anyone to post information to circumvent copy protection of copyrighted materials. This includes commercial music files, software, serial numbers, or anything of the kind.

It's all about having a civil discussion. And hey, let's be careful out there.

You've now read the rules. If you want to know what happens if you violate them, see below.


Violators of the rules will usually receive a warning, and a second offense will probably result in a ban. In the case of especially egregious violations, a ban may come without warning.

When warranted, a ban may be imposed for being a general nuisance and/or generally disrupting civil discourse.
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4573Applied the patch last night when my Airport Express and extreme flashed yellow clean86-30 minutes ago
4572Thanks for the info, Heywood. It's really a pretty trim utility. It launcheHerbVic-4 hours ago
4571Thanks! Yes it is odd. The other apps picked it up immediately after I rearrangeHerbVic-5 hours ago
4570Conclusion: To use AirPlay with TV app, swipe from the bottom to enter Control Cyofal110 AM
4569I just downloaded and installed Snapz Pro X 2.6.1 on a MBA running 10.13.2 I haHeywood4013 AM
4568OK, done. Had a little trouble with the older Apple TV, but sorted it out. AfterHerbVic-2 AM
4567Oops! I forgot that my router is making both a 5G network and a 'not 5G'J.F. Sebastian2yesterday
4566Oops! I forgot that my router is making both a 5G network and a 'not 5G'HerbVic-yesterday
4565Thank you for your interest in this issue, yofal. Your line of questions did proHerbVic-yesterday
4564Done and done. Thanks JF!yofal-yesterday
4563Great news for owners of Apple's Wi-Fi base stations. I'm really happy J.F. Sebastian1yesterday
4562Just tried that in on my iPad. No overlay. No box and triangle. No AirPlay anyJ.F. Sebastian1Tuesday
4561A little casual googling seems to indicate that others share your issue. What iyofal-Tuesday
4560… Streaming contains to be controlled from within each video. When you pause a vHerbVic-Tuesday
4559Be sure and read the comments. As written, the article can be misleading. PSA: HerbVic1Tuesday
4558Can you screenshot it?yofal-Tuesday
4557If you read the comments it seems that the article is a little disingenuous. Noyofal-Tuesday
4556 I am getting a blurred screen (soft icons) a lot lately on a IPhone 7+ using laengineer-Monday
4555Oh Apple, what the hell are you doing... My biggest worry! Apple Inc is now so bMoonray1Monday
4554Hehe! They changed the headline of that article, it's now: PSA: If You DeleJ.F. Sebastian3Monday
4553Thanks. I've already deleted everything that I can. It's really the ApSmoothSail-Monday
4552In the most recent iOS click on Settings > General > iPad Storage to get ayofal-Monday
4551 Open the TV app, and click on Library > Movies (this is where your Movies aryofal1Monday
4550 PSA: If You Delete Apple Pay Cash You Can't Reinstall It o~~~ OMoonray1Monday
4549 [graphic]Homebrew 1.4.011 December 2017 [graphic]MikeMcQuaid Today I’d like to FUBHO-Monday
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