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It's 4/25/2010. The hottest financial book out right now is Michael Lewis' "The Big Short". The sub-prime bond market collapsed in 2007 and 2008, taking out the rest of the economy. The aftermath is 10% unemployment and unprecedented US Government spending and risk guarantees to prop up Wall Street firms that would have others ceased to exist. All the perpetrators of this disaster walked away multi-millionaires and billionaires, leaving the rest of us holding the bag. No criminal suits are in sight. The SEC suit of Goldman Sachs is a sham puppet's court and the financial reform currently under discussion doesn't come close to addressing the underlying problems. It's all window dressing for an American public that isn't sophisticated enough to even begin to understand the nature or scope of the greatest public Treasury heist in US history that is still underway. Lastly, the same Wall Street firms and banks who collapsed our economy are now borrowing money from the Fed at 0.5% and buying US Treasuries yielding 2.5%. The spread is funded by the US taxpayers. With the profits they "earned", they continue to pay out billions in bonuses.

The bottom line is that the US debt is soaring, the end of deficits is nowhere in sight, the government is printing money, and INFLATION is a virtual certainty. The only questions left to ask are as follows:
* When will we start to see inflation?
* How far will it go?
* Who will benefit and how will they benefit? Who will lose and how?
* How can we position our portfolios for this eventuality?
* What publicly traded companies, sectors, or instruments will benefit and which will lose in a rapid inflationary environment?
* When will the Fed raise rates?
* What will be the immediate consequences in the market and how can we get ahead of that trade?

The only rule on this thread is that we're not interested in politics, except insofar as it relates to our topic of making money or preserving wealth off of the coming inflationary period. If the talk turns to out of bounds political chatter, I'll give one warning and then ban the instigator.
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755Shoot. You think this can go on for far longer. I think we'll see a downturnmindmeldDecember 2
754We are only at 24% on fed balance sheet. Lots of room to grow to catch up to ChJohn VosillaDecember 2
753John, Beware. I just posted this on the another thread.... it's happening. mindmeldNovember 22
752I am five chapters in and can't wait to finish it. Seems she read a lot of John VosillaMarch 26
751I'll check that out. Sounds like a good book.mindmeldMarch 23
750Not sure but probably safe until the yield curve flattens out then watch out 12-John VosillaMarch 23
749 Dear Mindmeld, How about uploading a logo for this board? Regards, @DimaSI Dmitry (code monkey)March 19
748Well, Yellen is going to increase rates 4 times a year for the next couple yearsmindmeldMarch 19
747All they do is enrich the top 1% and the banks. There is no other purpose for thJohn VosillaMarch 19
746Totally agree with you. We should be at 3% Fed Rates by now. This is just one momindmeldMarch 12
745The Fed seems to be way behind the curve this time, with Yellen openly saying shJohn VosillaMarch 12
744Well, we were a bit early on thinking Inflation was going to hit, back in April mindmeldMarch 5
743Is quite stunning how anybody on the outside not benefitting from all the forms John Vosilla9/12/2015
742Message 30229552Broken_Clock9/11/2015
741Since no posts on this thread for months I guess the inflation paranoia is dead?Road Walker9/8/2015
740Example of request attraction inflation in the UK In the 1980s, the UK experiencYousuf7/25/2015
739 ideologically akin to the Eisenhower White House We can only hope. I doubt tJohn Vosilla5/27/2015
738“Simply having health insurance is no guarantee that consumers can afford to payJohn Vosilla5/27/2015
737Message 30071179Broken_Clock5/17/2015
736Message 30070125 Hard core D's and R's are stupidly clueless. Until iBroken_Clock5/17/2015
735Is funny I can watch Bill Maher or Bill O'Reilly put their spin on things.SoJohn Vosilla5/17/2015
734Health insurance does not equal health care. Mandatory health insurance (ACA styJohn Vosilla5/17/2015
733 Is it really this simple? yes. ++++++++ When it comes to formiBroken_Clock5/12/2015
732My mind is wide open to logic, but those who have decided they are exclusively Dmindmeld5/12/2015
731It freaks me out how you've closed your mind to everything, you weren't Road Walker5/12/2015
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