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When this thread started on 4/25/2010, the hottest financial book out was Michael Lewis' "The Big Short". The sub-prime bond market collapsed in 2007 and 2008, taking out the rest of the economy. The aftermath was 10% unemployment and unprecedented US Government spending and risk guarantees to prop up Wall Street firms that would have otherwise ceased to exist. All the perpetrators of this disaster walked away multi-millionaires and billionaires, leaving the rest of us holding the bag. No criminal suits were brought against the bankster execs, except for a few small fry scapegoats. The SEC suit of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan were a sham puppet's court and the Dodd-Frank financial reform didn't come close to addressing the underlying problems, and it has since been gutted. All of it was window dressing for an American public that isn't sophisticated enough to even begin to understand the nature or scope of the greatest public Treasury/Fed/Wall Street heist in US history that is still underway.

As of 2018, the bottom line is that the US debt continues to soar on the back of 8 years of unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus. The end of deficits is nowhere in sight. Even though the Fed is now raising interest rates and shrinking their balance sheet, INFLATION is finally showing its ugly head with recent CPI figures clocking in at 2.4%. This thread was started with the idea that these monetary policies would inevitably result in inflation, especially now with Trump's deregulation of banks. The only questions left to ask are as follows:
* When will we start to see inflation get out of control?
* How far will it go?
* Who will benefit and how will they benefit? Who will lose and how?
* How can we position our portfolios for this eventuality?
* What publicly traded companies, sectors, or instruments will benefit and which will lose in a rapid inflationary environment?
* When will the Fed lose the stomach for raising rates and stop quantitative tightening?
* What will be the immediate consequences in the market and how can we get ahead of that trade?

The only rule on this thread is that we're not interested in politics, except insofar as it relates to our topic of making money or preserving wealth off of the coming inflationary period. If the talk turns to out of bounds political chatter with demonstrable vitriol, I'll give one warning and then ban the instigator.
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794I think many of Trump's policies are great. Yes, he is a narcissistic assholmindmeld-June 16
793I'm seeing more and more people in poor health with even worse financial sitJohn Vosilla1May 30
792ENVA continuing to surge: I am now up 107K on this stock thaRarebird-May 10
791I think it's much sooner to that to a re-valuation downwards by 40-50%. We hmindmeld1May 2
790My average price of ENVA is 18.88125 and I own 8K shares as documented in the abRarebird-May 2
789Seeing high dividend income producing like SNH, GNL or MCC seem stable businessJohn Vosilla-May 1
788Agreed. It does feel like the late 90's and a few other lead ups to major crmindmeld-April 11
787Stock market is different from real economy. For all the stocks way up there arJohn Vosilla-April 10
786Agreed. The Donald is doing some very good things for our economy, but he will nmindmeld-April 7
785Mueller investigation all about knocking Trump out and our socialist future? ThJohn Vosilla-April 6
784It says a lot. When business people are allowed to drive efficiencies, they can mindmeld-March 28
783So the reality is that China has been engaged in a trade war with the US and theJohn Vosilla-March 27
782It is possible. Trump has a habit of blasting the horn only to back off once he mindmeld-March 23
781You and I both know what political uncertainty can do to a stock. We were both lRarebird-March 22
780I agree with you, but the thing is there's no leverage left to keep the partmindmeld-March 19
779You could be right and we get a business and technology downturn like 2001-02 buJohn Vosilla-March 19
778Interesting take and likely accurate. Either way, I think the markets are toppinmindmeld-March 14
777Blowoff top usually lasts a couple of years as the yield curve flattens witness John Vosilla-March 13
776I don't know. The real yield curve looks almost recessionary to me and they mindmeld-March 10
775I agree to expect some major shock perhaps China related Others relate to the John Vosilla-March 10
774Very interesting. I don't have the confidence to do that kind of trading, bumindmeld-February 17
773I'm going to be 65 in May and I'm not looking for any big drawdowns eithRarebird1February 17
772Hi Rarebird, no, I'm still at 22% stocks. The correction didn't hit 15%.mindmeld-February 15
771So, now you are 30% invested in stocks?Rarebird-February 15
770I don't think so. I think rates are going to continue to go up, not just becmindmeld-January 27
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