Manmade Global Warming, A hoax? A Scam? or a Doomsday Cult?
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That's right, it's not a hoax. The Global Warming movement is a scam. It is based on fraud and the goal is to take your money and to emasculate this country.

personal attacks on other thread contributors are not allowed. However, you can say whatever you want about non-thread/non-SI members. Vigorous debate is allowed.

Trashing the thread for the sake of trashing the thread is not allowed.

I have an obvious bias regarding global warming, anthropogenic global warming and the politics behind it. However, disagreeing with me or anyone else is definitely allowed and encouraged.

Personal attacks toward any member of SI are not allowed. Debate vigorously, argue passionately, but no personal attacks.
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4233I do not think Trump would make a good president. But if he supports the vast Thomas A Watson1last Saturday
4232The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time Message 30201336sense1August 24
4231Deceptive temperature record claimsWarmest month announcements have no scientifisense-August 24
4230Global Warming is all and only about "business"... in the sense of &qusense-August 24
4229Check this out: It's NOAA's El Nino forecast from Febrweatherguru-August 21
4228More for the denier crowd on this thread to ponder... California Drought Is MadDon Hurst-August 21
4227LOL!!! Friedman can do so much better... but, apparently, he wanted a day off..sense-August 21
4226You bet, here's a map. The reading was at an airport in Iran. If it's weatherguru2August 19
4225The heat index has existed for all of 37 years. You and Thomas L Brain-Fried-MaJ.B.C.-August 19
4224Here is something for this denier crowd to read...Can you just imagine a heat inDon Hurst-August 19
4223Good [great] science = full head of hair, even in old age. [graphic] CF RebelCF Rebel1August 18
4222both of you have presented sufficient evidence to apply for a research grant to teevee2August 18
4221It's true. [graphic]FUBHO1August 18
4220I've wondered if conducting bad science is one of the causes of balding. ItCF Rebel-August 17
4219Disgraced Science Fraudster Michael Mann... should have been run out of science sense-August 17
4218Mark Steyn’s new book on Michael Mann Posted on August 13, 2015 | 495 CommentsCF Rebel3August 17
4217It sure would be good if Greenpeace, Tides, McKibbon etc were "de registereteevee1April 19
4216That's the whole problem; they've already reached a conclusion. The artweatherguru3April 17
4215What It Would Take to Prove Global Warmingsense-April 17
4213Real Science versus Political "Science" in the Global Warming Debate bsense-March 26
4212PATRICK MOORE: Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic news.heartland.orgsense3March 21
4211Coronal Holes... Not Caused by Panic About CO2 on Earth ? Thesense-March 18
4210Warmist Naomi Oreskes: "When a scientist comes up against a well-trained, ssense-March 16
4209Al Gore surrenders on tolerance, goes all in on being evil. Seeks to punish thsense1March 16
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