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Those who have something to say but have been banned from saying it elsewhere.
Or, just saying whatever is on your mind without the fear of reprisal by either; post reccomendation, and or, banning.
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343Sheesh. I doubt that his credibility is intact.SARMAN-7/19/2012
342This clown sold his mates who were shareholders a first class ticket to the pinkEntitlement-7/17/2012
341Here the latest rant by da chief: Message 27760561 Hey Chief ))))))))) Go fucEntitlement-11/10/2011
340Required reading:
339FYI: da_cheif™ has been pounding the table for years now about VLNC. His latEntitlement-10/19/2011
338As on cue: ~ Moody's cuts Spain by 2 notches, sees funding risks beta.fiEntitlement-10/18/2011
337WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. government ran a $1.3 trillion deficit for the budgeEntitlement-10/15/2011
336This market has been on tear. The Dow moved almost 1200 pts in less than two weeEntitlement-10/14/2011
335<i>No it is more about sustainable growth.</i> I totally agree with SARMAN-8/9/2011
334No it is more about sustainable growth. The fact the US government has to contiEntitlement-8/9/2011
333Here is a kicker, I was expecting a crash last year, for the same reasons we areSARMAN-8/9/2011
332I say we have crashed from our highs pretty darned good and agree that there ia Entitlement-8/9/2011
331This action in the market is by no mean a crash yet. This a little taste of whaSARMAN-8/5/2011
329He also got the 2008 crash wrong too as far as my memory serves.Entitlement-8/5/2011
328He is not the only one that got market wrong. Just heard that the drop is enginSARMAN-8/5/2011
327Da Chief Blew this market call. His greatness was telling his sheep to Buy rightEntitlement-8/4/2011
326Da Chief kicked me off his thread. I guess if you are not in agreement with his Entitlement-7/12/2011
325Da Chief kicked me off his thread because he doesn't appreciate me calling hEntitlement-7/12/2011
324It's official: Video: ABC's George 'SnuffaglopagusEntitlement-5/13/2011
3233/31/2011 - Updates on Fukushima -- Fairewinds Associates, Inc Fromroguedolphin-4/1/2011
322Thread title change The titled to this thread has been changed to; 'The Un-Entitlement-3/31/2011
321 Elizabeth Taylor rest in Peace
320Fukushima Smoking Gun Emerges: Founding Engineer Says Reactor 4 Has Always Been roguedolphin-3/23/2011
319<i>It appears Japan will be much much worse</i> of SlideJ.B.C.-3/18/2011
318<<"Chernobyl is not the same as Japan and will never be similar."roguedolphin-3/17/2011
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